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I heart u - Infinite Message Board

I heart u - Infinite Message Board

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Letters and numbers and symbols appear and morph through the surface of this magical infinite stone. One of those messages mirrors the one we saw on a Slaty Shale stone that was singing just recently ... I heart u:

These 2 magical beings clearly have a connection and were brilliant at showing it to me. They are completely different stones and yet somehow they ended up together in such a way that I saw the I heart u on both of them at the same time.

She shared a crystal blessing with all of us and now she will continue her journey with the one who will know how to receive her messages. You will know immediately if you are the one.

This large infinite stone fills your hand and offers a large surface through which to receive messages.


the pictures loaded sideways, yet were the right side up when this listing was published. And as I revisit the I heart u listing, I remembered that the same thing happened when I uploaded the pictures for that listing as well. They are clearly meant to be together. 


There is one more of these magical I heart u stones that belongs to this trio. It wasn't as easy to see that message on this stone being but it found a way to show it to me and ended up right beside the other two. 

I'll include the details as soon as it sends out its crystal blessing.

Once the third one is revealed I'm sure they will let me know if they are wanting to go out into the world separately or as a trio.