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Slaty Shale - I heart u - Song of Stones
Slaty Shale - I heart u - Song of Stones

Slaty Shale - I heart u

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Slaty Shale fascinates me. I was drawn to it the very first time I saw it and I knew I wanted to share it with you. These stones came from Melody's mine in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. The Slaty Shale Record Stone have glyphic patterns "printed" on its surface which are comprised of Kaolinite and Iron. One can become lost in the images that emerge from these patterns! 

This particular stone offers June's Crystal Moon Message and a morning Crystal Blessing. It is being playful and showing off its magic. I'm receiving a sneak peak at its Crystal Moon message through that playfulness. When I imported the picture into the listing, it showed up sideways. I tried to "straighten" it up because I really wanted you to be able to see the "I heart u" that appeared on her surface. I couldn't do that so I trusted that this is how it was supposed to be and there was purpose to it. Now the image has magically straightened itself. Interesting. This stone is telling me that not is always as it seems and shifting perspective can give you a new picture. Sure enough when I turn the stone the way it came through in this listing, I do see another picture. Let's see if the Crystal Moon Message I receive explains that.

As if that is not enough magic - this crystal’s energy was playing with the tech as crystals sometimes do. I tried to upload the Crystal Blessing it shared onto youtube and it got stuck at 44%. That is a number that shows up ALL THE TIME around here. For me it is an angel number. So the Angels want us to know that they are part of the magic that is happening.

Slaty Shale

Slaty Shale Record Stone vibrates to the number 6 and is the astrological sign of Scorpio. The Slaty Shale Record Stone holds glyphic patterns comprised of Kaolinite and Iron.  Translation of the "glyphs" has provided information concerning other worldly ceremonial techniques and crystal healing techniques.  The "glyphs" are said to have been placed upon the shale through specific actions of beings from outside of our dimensional world, specifically to assist us in our progression in healing and in the actualization of our paths.

The Slaty Shale Record Stone has been used in deciphering ancient scripts and codes and has initiated the translation of Etruscan, an ancient language from an ancient civilization.  It has been found to contain the energies to assist us in both gaining and maintaining a connection with another area of the world, the spiritual members of another ancient society, and with the Earth - allowing for the transmission of information between the two and to convey loving/gentle energy to the defined location.

It can help in the discovery of mineral deposits and in the study of geology and geological forces.  It can promote visions about locations of something which has not yet been discovered and/or that which has been "lost".

The stone has been said to have been an "Escarboucle", a mythical stone used by the Knights of the Round Table to bring insight and solutions to problems.  This mineral has been used to clarify that which we  "thought" we wanted and/or did not want, and to help us actualize "wishing" the unwanted to be gone again.  It has been used in gridding to prevent mindless vandalism and graffiti.

The Slaty Shale Record Stone has been used to take us back to our youth (even if it is quite a trip) and to stimulate youthful renewal.  It has assisted in transcending the material essence of the body, bringing about prompt response to healing situations.



Kaolinite vibrates to the number 6 and is the astrological signs of Pisces & Virgo. Kaolinite is the mineral which initiates the tubular access to permit the growth of the phantom in Phantom Quartz crystals. Kaolinite can help us over the "high ridges" which could become obstacles in the path of spiritual growth.  It provides encouragement to continue in the pursuit in which we are engaged and provides sympathy when we are "down".  It helps us to get through our challenges with a smooth flow toward the infinite state of excellence.  This mineral can be used to provide strength to rid ourselves of unwanted influences from the physical plane.  It assists in clairaudient pursuits, bringing forth and enhancing the transcription of communications from the spiritual worlds.