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I first encountered these wonderful Quartz crystals from a lovely retail seller and I was instantly drawn to them.  I got 2 for myself, one of which was a Dow.  It was icy clear - almost silvery in nature - with titanium gas clouds in the cap.  This crystal  has a smoothness to it, beyond the physical - this silkiness seems to continue within.  Holding this crystal, I felt supported.  Like I always have been and always will be supported, even though this physical reality carries the illusion of separateness.  It connected me to the part of myself that knows the truth of oneness and allows me to experience true love.

I loved these crystals so much that I wanted to share them.  I searched, and searched but I could not find more.  I recently came across some quite by accident.  I had ordered some wonderful Quartz crystals and mixed in with the group were a small selection of Titanium Gas Phantom Dows!  I immediately contacted my supplier and asked if there were more and, here they are - and many if not most are Dows!  I have not noticed any "sigils" on this group of crystals yet (see description).  I'm so excited to be able to offer these to you.

These crystals are extremely rare and the only information I have on them is that which I received from the person who first introduced me to this incredible crystal:

I'm told that his extremely rare formation of the newly discovered silky Titanium crystals can be found in only location in the world - Arkansas.  The veins the crystals are found in also contain Titanium ore and are rather small.  There was thought to be only one mine located in the ancient Ouachita mountains in Arkansas, and that mine was said to have been closed - but it seems there may be other mines.

The Titanium gives the Quartz a wonderful soft, silky feel and a foggy appearance on every other side of the crystal and usually on the tips or edges of the faces.  The Titanium crystals emanate and express the entire spectrum of light vibrations.  They attune their keeper to this universal Spectrum frequency.  This allows him/her to radiate and express the entire spectrum of light rays to everyone the keeper comes in contact with.  These incredible Titanium crystals are here as our Ancient Teachers.  It is believed that these crystals were formed through thought projection by the Star beings that taught our Ancient Ancestors.  They are here to prepare humans for the leap in Vibratory Evolution that is set to occur on our planet very soon.  

Many people are hearing the call to accelerate their learning and help others to reach their highest good.  Many healers are being attracted to this mineral, as it aligns them with the highest frequency of the universe and prepares them for the evolutionary leap, teaching them new/ancient healing techniques, so that they may in turn help others recall the state of perfection that was meant for humans to exist within.  These crystals are going out to the serious light workers on our planet.  I believe that when each person that is meant to be taught by these crystalline beings have one, the vein will "play out", it will be empty.  The energy from these crystals is like no other and very difficult for human words to describe, for me ... they emanate the closest feeling that I can imagine Divine Love would feel like.

The amazing "Gas Phantoms" are recognized by the smooth wisp inside the crystal and under the faces, unlike veils, they are not bits and pieces of white inclusions, these appear more like smooth smoke inside the crystal.  The Titanium Gas Phantoms are remarkable energy emitting inclusions that surrounds and fills the keepers auric energy field with brilliant White Light particles.  These particles purify and strengthen the energy of the user, immediately activating, balancing and cleansing all the energy wheels (chakras) within the body.  The Energy the keeper is able to transmit/transfer to another person or object is intensely amplified.  This is perfect for healers and energy workers, and replenishes their own energy supply as they draw and send energy through their bodies.

The "Sigil" crystal is recognized by the strange raised and inverted etching on the face of the crystal, these etchings are called "Sacred Sigils".  The simplest definition of a sigil is a drawing that is meant to represent an idea.  For example, if you saw this symbol "%", in your mind you would say the word, "percent", even if it had no words on it.  If you saw this symbol "$" ... you would think of money.  That's basically what a sigil is.  The Sigil crystals have a story to tell us about accessing our personal power, and as we read the message within the Sigil markings, we are empowered with the vibration of that "Sigil".  To de-code your Sigil crystal ... first break the etching down into basic geometric shapes, are there squares, triangles, circles, lightening bolts, or mountain ranges etched onto the face of your crystal?  This will tell you where and with what force of energy your Sigil crystal was empowered ... the sequence of simple geometric forms, repeated over the face of the crystal, is part of the "Great Flame of Life".  This "flame of Life" takes the form of a sacred spiral vortex within the Sigil crystal...  If your Sigil is composed of different geometric shapes, you would first select one, like the Square, which represents the Earth, then the Triangle, which represents the "Divine energy from above", then the lightning bolt, which represents the powerful energy sent from above to the Earth.  With this "Sigil" you are empowered with the energy of heaven and earth and may find your personal energy is equally strong when drawn from the celestial Sky, the Earth or the energy of natures Storms.  If there is only one shape such as a Mountain range on your Sigil crystal, this stone was programmed with the energy of an ancient mountain range and you will find you and your "Sigil" crystal are most energetic and strong when you are walking or meditating in the Mountains.  Most people are subconsciously drawn to the Sigil crystal that works with their natural energies.  

These are powerful crystals being manifested at this time on our planet.  They are to be used with wisdom and compassion to bring healing to the earth and her inhabitants.  The keepers of these special crystals are entrusted with a great responsibility, their cosmic awareness and personal energy levels are amplified, awakening healing energies within them they may or may not have previously been aware of, or to what degree they possessed this energy.

Kyanne Eastman

You are welcome to look at the article that I wrote in addressing the controversy surrounding these crystals and the song that they shared.