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Titanium Gas Phantom Crystal Song

 “It is the clouds which allow us to see so clearly”
When we are surrounded by puffs of clouds, 
we can’t see past what is immediately and directly in front of us.
This is when we see the clearest.  We are not looking ahead at what is coming.  
We are not looking behind to what we’ve done or left behind or what had happened.  
We are focusing completely on where we are in this moment and on our next step
 – not the next 2 steps –
 just the one right now.

[I opened up for guidance this morning about what I should be focusing on – which one of my projects I should focus my attention on and complete.  At least that’s what I thought I was asking for … but really I wanted a glimpse into the future to see what would happen – which path would lead me to “success” or completion or my goal.  I wanted reassurance that I was doing the right thing.  I wanted insurance that I wouldn’t waste my time.  The answer that I received surprised me.  It was that …

Guidance is always given…. we are led and supported and helped in each moment.  
Sometimes we are led to do something which we may believe will lead us to a specific outcome and when it ‘seemingly’ does not work out, we get upset – we may feel we’re doing something wrong and that if we were on the right track, things would flow more smoothly.  But perhaps things are flowing smoothly and what we began doing was necessary to carry us to what is needed in the next moment, which may be to double back and begin again in a whole other direction.  It might not have been a detour, but a necessary stop on the journey.

I had all these open projects I thought I was supposed to be doing and I wanted to know what to do next.  I was surprised when the guidance was to pick up these crystals and listen to their song … but I did and I smiled at the confirmation in the message I received to allow things to unfold easily and naturally … to focus on JUST what is now …


When we are in the midst of the cloud and moving step by step, we don’t put our attention on any obstacles which may be surrounding us … we just take it step by step.  But would we begin to analyze everything around us, we might discover we were in the sky – flying/floating, carried by the breeze – supported in mid air – by the Universe –  And if we believe this is impossible, we would fall down to the earth!
So we have a choice when we are with another being … to focus on the moment and open to the gifts which are shared in this moment – or we can focus on what we thought we knew about this being and what others say and believe to be true.
Because each one has their own unique experience and perspective … what is true for us can only come from our own unique experience and perspective.
We always only get bits and pieces of the whole picture … it is from the culmination of all things that the whole picture emerges.  So it always works best for us to take only what is given to us to see in each moment and take our next step based on that.  And then leave all that we just learned about those things in the past moment and focus now … on this moment … on now.

ice … love … cool breath
Learning about DRY ICE will help to shed some light on our nature.
There are things about us which can not be known by looking at what is generally believed.  Science is working from what it knows.  Until it lets go of what is KNOWN/BELIEVED it cannot find a new truth … only more of what is known and believed – or more puzzles which seem not to have a solution.
[This is different than what was just said]
We hold a note/vibration which can only be heard from an open place/or space of love.  This note can offer the clarity that is like a breath of fresh air … air that is pure and clean of all debris (pre-conceptions).
It creates a pocket of purity – among the noise of a polluted space.  It is the stillness amidst the chaos – the eye of the hurricane … the center of the vortex.
It is pure … pure acceptance … pure clarity … it is LOVE.
LOVE clouds all judgements and leaves in its place pure clarity.
I see from LOVE
I believe what I see.


How we see things and from what place we see them makes a tremendous impact on our lives.  Ie. prejudice … when a person is treated differently because of a judgement – where does that judgement come from?  Prejudice or “rejection” can affect both parties … the one “seemingly” being judged and the one seemingly doing the “judging”.  But in truth, when we look to the heart of the issue – the judgement will be found to have originated within.

In this milky haze is a light filled with all conceivable color – the magic of color.
It sparkles and shines … words cannot capture the quality of this space.  It has never been seen before, yet it is familiar.
It is a bridge – a meeting  point – an OPENing!
It is the place of creation … the place of possibility.  The place/space before form.
Everything here is within reach, but yet we can’t hold onto anything.  It is formless so there is nothing to grasp.  We are formless so there is nothing with which to hold on to.
It’s been calling my name and I’ve been struggling to answer … trying to hold it; see it; understand it; … but I’ve been trying to find it through physical form and though it is there, it cannot be found there.
I’ve been trying to speak to it with my words … but words hold no meaning in that space.
I’ve been trying to see it with my eyes … but it can’t be seen in this way.
I’ve been trying to touch it with my hands … but it can’t be felt with any physical sensation.
It is a place between places … (a doorway that can’t be entered) … a doorway that opens up to visions beyond imagination, yet can be entered.

We are here.
When you give us a name, we disappear.
As soon as you speak that name, you have lost the connection to us.
It becomes something else … it may be wonderful, but it is something else.
That is why we are called the nameless … or why some are forbidden to speak our name; because in speaking our name we become lost to you.  We are, of course, always there, but you are now seeing something else.
So how then do we reach you … how do we connect to you?
We (you/we/we/you) don’t … because reaching out is taking us outside ourselves … and though we are there (we are everywhere), we cannot be found there.
There is no thing to connect to, because we are not separate from you.It is in seeing – feeling – experiencing – this separateness that creates the separateness.  This is where [what] the hard work and effort to find us leads to and creates .. separateness.
It may feel/seem that there is a LOT to let go of in order to find us, but really we must let go of all that we believe that we have in order to have EVERYTHING … really every thing.

[This last paragraph I feel needs some explaining … it probably doesn’t – but I will stick my 2 cents worth in here because I am not feeling sure that I allowed it to come through as clearly as it was felt.  What I was feeling was this … when we speak about the benefit of letting go of everything to have everything … it is not necessarily in the literal sense – though there may be things that we need to physically release.  What is most important is letting go of our attachment to these things … our feeling that we NEED these things that we’re holding on so tight to (and sometimes lock up in safes or banks or insure for fear of losing them).  Through this belief that we NEED these things, we end up living in the fear of losing them – or in fear of not getting the next thing that we believe we desire. The fear or feeling of “need” clouds our view and keeps us from seeing what is really there … that we have all that we need or want.

It is the same with material things, with health and it is the same thing in a sense with Spirit … if we can let go of our NEED to find “Spirit” or whatever it is that we call what we are searching for – the label is not important (it is the fact that we are searching that is the issue) ⦠so if we can let go of this “searching”, we will discover that we are what it is that we have been searching for.   We can KNOW that we ARE IT.


We were not created, rather we are in the process of being created or we are re-created in each moment.

When we feel we’ve done something wrong, we want to hide from that.  We want to avoid the people, places and situations which remind us of what we’ve done and we run from anything that does.  But soon what lay hidden deep within begins to emerge and recreate itself in all aspects of our lives until we can no longer hide from it … the world begins to feel very small and we run out of places to run.  We can’t hide from ourselves any more than Adam and Even could hide from G-d in the Garden of Eden.

The mist held here within us does not help to hide us, but helps us to see more clearly.  It helps us to see that there is nothing that we could have done, are doing, or will ever do that will keep us from being loved.  Love is always offered openly and freely by the Universe … it IS the Universe … it is also who we are.  It is there now.  It always has been there … we have simply not seen it through the dense fog of our guilt.

There is nowhere left to run.  No place to hide.  It is time for us to come out and show ourselves.  It is time for us to come out and stand naked before the judgement of the Universe.  To show ourselves completely …our darkness and our light.  And we will see that the only place judgement is coming from is within.

Why did Adam and Eve suddenly notice their nakedness and cover themselves up?  Were they trying to cover up their bodies, or were they trying to conceal what they had done … out of guilt.  We cannot hide the things we feel guilt over by hiding our physical body; because we can still see ourselves, and our Creator can still see us.

We know this.  At some level we all know this.  Yet if we pile enough layers on ourselves and run away quickly enough and often enough and keep ourselves so busy, we will forget … it works well … so well that eventually we forget who we are.  Then we spend all our energy trying to find ourselves.  We look for ourselves outside of ourselves, and we feel frustrated when we don’t find ourselves there.

We must peel away the layers we’ve piled on ourselves, one by one, until there’s nothing left to cover up who we are.  And then we’ll find something surprising … [beauty].

The last layer is the hardest to peel off.  We hesitate.  We are afraid.  We cringe at the thought of what we might find.  Our imagination creates such horrors and ugliness in our minds and fills us with fear.  But when we gather our courage and come face to face with our demons, releasing the last thin layer that kept us hidden, what we find surprises us.  There is not that dark, ugly beast we thought was there … but beauty and light.

We haven’t been running away from the darkness … from an ugly demon.  We’ve been hiding from the brilliance of our light … the beauty of truth.


We whisper your name in the wind, but you don’t hear us, 
because you’ve forgotten your name.
We offer the gentle caress of our support in a blanket of mist, 
but you do not feel it.
We sing in harmony.  We create this song together, 
but you are not aware that you are a part of this creation.
Move through the swirling of the mist …move with it … follow it …  
The mist does not hide from us, what we need to see.  
The mist IS what we need to see.
The thing which we run away from
 is the thing which we need to see.


We hold our breath in resistance … trying to regain control and direct our movement … our lives.  But is it is this resistance that brings us the things that we are trying to hide from.  It is our addiction … the addict creates the situation that causes them to seek out the substance that numbs them to feeling the situations they’ve created … the chicken and the EGG.

All any of us want is to feel the love of our Creator – a connection and sense of belong  … LOVE.

We look for this LOVE outside ourselves and we create situations in our lives where we can feel it … but like the addict (or as the addict), what we find is just a poor substitute for the REAL thing.  The first time felt quite real … but each time after that feels less and less “real” and less and less satisfying … but we keep turning to it more and more often, hoping for this brief “high” – the feeling of ecstasy … the LOVE.  We may have brief glimpses of something that feels close, but it is not the same and it does not last.

Little do we know that we have access to this feeling we’re searching for … literally with EVERY BREATH WE TAKE … all we need to do is stop trying to control it and allow it to be.


© Song of Stones 2008


You are welcome to look at the metaphysical information on the Ti Gas Crystals that I have found as well as the article that I wrote in addressing the controversy surrounding these crystals.