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A little more about me

I had always been a sensitive one. Since I came into this physical realm I was overwhelmed by the turbulent energies of this earth world. I felt bombarded by energies. I felt weak all the time. I often didn’t have the energy to be productive. At times I was not able to manage the simplest things. Worst of all, I didn’t feel understood. I didn’t feel valued. I didn’t feel heard. And I didn’t feel believed. Because I was not taken seriously by most others around me, there were moments when I began to believe that I was making it all up. I began to doubt myself too.

At the time, I lamented not having a “diagnosis” so I could receive a “cure”. I was scared and I was desperate. I just wanted some peace and respite from the pain. I didn’t know that there really were no “cures”. There were only drugs that masked symptoms and created other issues. I look back and see how wise the Universe was to shelter me from those synthetic medicines-pharmaceuticals.

That was not my path. My path was the much less travelled one. It was barely tread upon. It was lonely – that I can tell you – but it was the way I needed to journey to reach the place I am now. It was the way that led me to experience and understand what “true” well being was. I’ll call it “healing” for simplicity’s sake, with the caveat that ultimately there is nothing to “heal” (there is nothing to “fix” for we are not broken) for we are now, always have been and always will be whole and complete. We are Divine beings of light. What could a being of light need to “fix” (or cure or heal) at any level.

Healing happens at the level of consciousness.  Sometimes a physical act, or remedy can spark the healing but it doesn’t have to happen on that level.

It CAN happen beyond any physical act. It can happen with a mere thought.  It can happen with a conscious intention or shift of awareness.  In fact, I think that’s how it does happen.

This is, I believe, how all “healings” happen.

Your physical conscious awareness expands beyond the boundaries once there and opens up your world just a bit more.  The farther you expand, the less limited you become by your physical boundaries – including but not just – physical experiences like dis-ease.

(This is why it can happen seemingly by a drug or surgery or through an alternative modality of energy medicine. It’s why some people seemingly need to go through years of treatment before they are cured and others have miraculous instant cures. Because it’s not the remedies that create the shift into well being. What creates the cure is a shift in awareness or a belief that one is cured. For some that might take years and for others just a brief second.)

That takes out a bit of the mystery from the “magic” of crystal healing.

It’s one of the lesser known and utilized methods of “healing” and it is one of the most powerful.

If you want to cure a headache or other pains of the body, crystals can help as much as any other physical or energetic remedy (healing modality).  But if you want to move beyond needing a remedy at all – beyond the boundaries, of your physical world – that’s when crystals are in their ELEMENT – pun intended.

This I SEE is my story too.  Yes … Yes … I can help connect you with crystals for purposes within the confines of physicality – for everyday aches and pains of the flesh and of the heart.

But what I KNOW HOW TO DO WELL is go beyond the mundane and into the ethereal.  I can show you how to move beyond the boundaries of the physical world and into an expanded awareness into deeper connections and understanding of your DIVINE spark.

I was trying to navigate through a world focused on curing illness [and fixing things], when I had the knowing of stepping outside of physical dis-ease. The crystals told me that “I was hiding behind them” once in a message they sent me. I believe this is what they meant. They were trying to show me that I needed to step out and declare myself. I needed to use my voice in harmony with theirs (and other light beings) – not simply as a scribe for them. Then English Medicine Woman came to me in a dream to impart a message to my spirit.  She told me that I too am English Medicine Woman. She touched my heart and reminded me of an ancient practice – a deeply imbedded sacred art form of listening to the spirit for transformational messages.  I remember now and I’m going to remind you of your own inner medicine wo(man).

It is a very powerful time in our history. The information age is one where there are more distractions and deceptions than ever before. But we have more access to the hidden truths, buried secrets and mysteries of the Universe than ever before. It’s time to step out of victim mentality and take back our power and SEE we are beyond the illusion we created.  It’s a dam good illusion – but it IS an illusion.   Especially we light workers who already KNOW that we are light. We already understand that everything is made of pure energy. There is now just one more step … to BE it … to live in awareness … to awaken.

I’m not saying don’t take advantage of the physical supports that are out there, ie. energy work, remedies, doctors, prescriptions, health food, etc. I’m saying see them for what they are … temporary supports (ie. a temporary wall that holds up a structure until the final wall is in place and ready to stand without support.)

This is my role as “English Medicine Woman”. To be a temporary support. I can listen to the Universe for the lightXcript that your spirit is singing for in this moment … not to heal – but to remember your own whole and perfect state of being. But my ultimate purpose is to remind you of who you truly are and to show you how to expand your awareness beyond the illusion of physical form. (I will tell you over and over how magnificent  and powerful you are until you finally remember.) I will remind you in many ways of your true state of being – your power and your magic.

* * * * *

Smadar is co-creator of,, and She is crystal whisperer, mixer of magical elixirs, light alchemist, dream dancer, fairy friend, lighht guide, spirit scribe …

She did not have “formal” training in the physical world way. (Her classroom has been in the hidden realms; her teachers the unseen ones. She’s been training her whole life aided by guides from many realms – especially the Stone BEings. (A physical trauma changed her life in dramatic way and her awakening was accelerated. It was not an easy journey but a necessary one.)