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Rattle Stone

There is this magical stone that might not be sparkly or beautifully symmetrical, but it is one of the most special stones I’ve encountered. It is a naturally formed geode from Arizona with loose pieces inside that “rattle” around in the hollow center of the stone. It’s crystal song from a natural musical instrument crafted by Gaia herself.

This natural music has a beautifully loving frequency that can be directed towards transforming the energy of a space—like space clearing but with an added dimension. The subtle wild power brings in an unpracticed, ever changing organic element to a space or ritual. It takes us into a primal, wild rhythm and into connection with the naturalness of our world.

In the body

The stone rattle’s raw sound can also be directed into the body—a form of sound healing. It can have similar effects to that of tapping but it is less jarring for those who are touch sensitive. The soft sounds reach into the parts of ourselves that need a more subtle approach. The body responds to these natural sounds and transformation begins.

For a deeper Crystal Cleanse, you can pair your natural geode rattle together with Novaculite or a Crystal Blade, working with the blade to cut etheric strands and the rattle to realign the space or body for balance and harmony.

Sacred Ceremony

A rattle stone can become part of ceremonies and rituals. Their sound can shift your focus and bring you into presence. Shaking the stone can open up sacred space or circle or begin a creative project or journaling practice.

Big Magic

When you sound a rattle stone, you invite in big magic. I found that out last week when I was wrapping one for a client. Letters and numbers began appearing and disappearing. Words were forming and dissolving as new ones rose up. It felt a little more magical than most scribals. It was as if the crystal was speaking to me in real time.

There were other things...strange things. Even for me. Having journeyed with crystals for decades, I was used to their magical antics—a crystal will hide or the timing of shipping will be orchestrated, or 3 people, all named Sarah, will order the same crystal during the same week. There was some of that and more.

The magic was highlighted by a crow perched in the tree outside my window who was cawing and making quite the ruckus, quieting just at the time that I had finished preparing the package.

A rattle stone once shared a crystal blessing with us. If you are feeling drawn to the rattle stone, you can connect with it through the video below.