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A Crystal Cleanse

Anytime you bring something new into your life, the first thing that you need to do is make space for it. This works the same way if you are opening your life to a physical thing or if you are making space for a new idea or practice.

If you are laying down a new floor, the one that is currently there has to be ripped out first. If you are getting new furniture, the old stuff has to be moved to the curb. In this same vein, If you are committed to eating healthier foods, the junk has to go. If you are learning yoga, there needs to be enough space made to put down a mat.

Less Clutter

This is how it is too when reconnecting with the self and the body. The less clutter we have in our minds and in our hearts and in our bodies, the clearer we will be about who we are and what our purpose in this lifetime is. However, you can clear all the clutter, physical as well as emotional, and still feel weighed down.

That happens when the ethereal attachments have not been severed. Everything that we have a physical connection to...that takes up space in our homes, in our hearts and in our heads...also carry energetic attachments. Sometimes we need a little assist in cutting those particular ties.

Crystal Zen

The crystals are not only masters at the minimalistic zen way of living—and which they impart to us energetically simply through their presence. They can also help us cut the connections that feel sticky and heavy.

While any crystal can potentially assist with an energetic release, there are certain crystals who are particularly suited to the task. Novaculite is the go-to master at cutting etheric ties.

Obsidian stones are also brilliant at cutting ties, especially the ones which have sharp edges. Actually any crystal which has a sharp edge will do nicely. I like to work with natural shards/blades but a carved crystal knife is another option.

In real time

Interestingly enough while I was writing this post, I was feeling a little heavy. I’d been moving quite a bit slower than my already unhurried pace and having a challenge forming my thoughts and finding the right words. I was reminded of how nicely Novaculite lends its sharp form to cleansing. So much so that I haven’t needed to call on it for quite some time. It’s no wonder that I forgot about it.

I pushed pause on this post and went to get my Novaculite. The stone guided me beautifully in how to position it and showed me where to do the cutting. Afterwards I felt lighter in my body and clearer in my thoughts. (The exact steps were shared in the weekly newsletter.

A great blessing

A crystal cleanse can be a great blessing. The less energetically cluttered we are, the lighter and more joyful life becomes. You can help yourself to stay clear through a regular practice of meditation with the crystals. If you find guided journeys helpful, we offer a crystal blessing meditation once per month to our crystal community.

In the meantime, there is a Crystal Blessing Meditation done with Novaculite that you can access anytime through our YouTube channel.