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Intuition is a Superpower

You have an untapped power inside of you that is there for the taking. It is a Divinely bestowed gift. One that every soul has been given. But so often it remains unopened.

This gift is one that society doesn’t take seriously so there is hesitation to acknowledge it lest you yourself not be taken seriously. Acceptance is important so you keep it hidden—even from yourself. Sometimes it is dismissed for so long that it gets erased from the mind.

Forgotten Power

This forsaken and forgotten power is your intuition. It is whispering to you all the time. Guiding you, always, towards the next right step.

When you listen to that still small voice, you enter into flow and everything falls into place. Synchronicity becomes your natural. The right people come into your life at the perfect moments. You end up at the right places at the exact right time.

If you ignore this intuition of yours, life does not flow as smoothly. Decisions are harder. Situations get sticky. Stress levels rise.

I knew it!

We have all experienced those times when we’ve ignored our intuition and later regretted it. How many times have you uttered the words…

”I should have trusted myself. I knew it! If only I’d listened.”

So how do you tap back into this natural power and step into harmony with the universe?

Nurturing Self Trust

Start by listening to that inner voice with the small things. Honouring the craving for spaghetti even though it’s easier to eat the dinner that’s already been prepared. Trusting that nagging feeling that something is off with the new relationship and not having to wait until they give you reason. Knowing that running into the friend you were just thinking of is not just coincidence.

Each time you trust that intuitive power, it gets stronger and clearer. Inspiration is fuelled by self trust. It is a relationship between the dual parts of yourself—the logical mind and the sensitive heart. In the same vein, each time it is dismissed, it gets weaker and hazier. When you don’t believe this extra sense, the inspiration will begin to fade. The inner voice will get quieter until it can no longer be heard.

You can practice tuning into your intuition by listening to your crystals. Trusting the sense to pick up one or the instinctive feeling to move another. Noticing the subtle shifts in your body when you are near a certain crystal or the wonderful, unexpected changes happening in your life since a new stone being came into your life.

Hidden Messages

There have been many times the crystals took me deeper into self trust. Perhaps none more magical than the Faery Twin Birth last week. The faeries and crystals have come together at other times to show me the impossible. There was the time when the Faeries confirmed their visit by sprinkling an F on the inside of a "faery imprint" stone so I would have proof of their presence.

But finding the inner magic doesn't always require a magical birth or a hidden message from the Faeries. The stones are always showing us how to reconnect to that simple super power.

A rhodochrosite stone once showed me how out of tune I was with my intuitive nature. I was hearing it’s song and went to get it but it was not there. I was looking for a pink stone but the stone had faded so much that I didn’t recognize it. I was trusting my eyes and not my gut which had taken me right to the stone several times. Each time I ignored what I felt and continued searching. When I finally trusted my sense I realized that I had found it immediately and had I trusted my inner knowing, I would have saved hours of searching.

Accept the Gift

Re-engaging with your natural superpower does require an investment of your time and energy but it is worth it. Your intuition can bring you more ease and unlock much magic.

It is a natural super power. Accept this Divine Gift. Nurture it and and it will grow.