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Faery Imprint Stone

Faery Imprint Stone

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I received a very special group of raw Variscite stones. They were very large pieces - too large for one person. They'd been here for a while awaiting the time when we could take them out and split them into smaller pieces. As is often the case with the stones, they guided this unfolding to the very second. I had no plans to do it and it was not the most convenient moment, but the song of the stones is difficult to ignore. When I say this was orchestrated to the very second, I am not embellishing. One of the stones that came off as they were being sized down was sparkling at me. Then another. I picked them up and saw that they were 2 halves of one stone. The faces of the two halves glittered. I looked a little closer and saw that it ws a fairy imprint. I set these two aside being very careful with them. I marvelled at the synchronicity of this. If we started just one nanosecond earlier or later, we would not have made the same split in the stone and we wouldn't have seen the faery imprint. Later, when I looked at them more closely I noticed something that made me gasp. There was an F naturally carved into the face of one of the halves. Well of course, that's the way of the fairies. They do like to make sure you know it was them that have visited. I felt as if that F was purposely there so that there would be no mistaking that it was FAERIES present here with these stones. And I'm just hearing now ... their presence is there and felt in ALL of these Variscite stones.


IT WAS TRUE. ALL these Variscite Stones carry the presence of the Faeries in the sparkling imprint they left behind. As I gathered them to take photos, they showed me something. I felt the Faeries presence, but I did not see their SPARKLE ... at least not at first. The pictures can not capture the sparkle that is present in these magical stones. But there is purpose to that. The sparkle is something that you much witness first hand. You must be in the sunlight (or have the right indoor lighting) AND you must be patient and open to seeing it. The greater your belief - the deeper your trust - the more likely you'll be to see the sparkle that is present in each one of these special stone beings. They will show you. As you begin to have greater faith, you will begin to see the sparkle. But showing you their sparkle is not the reason they come into your life. They come for a much greater purpose than that. They are here to guide you in developing the sense you have for seeing that which some call magical. They will remind you how to expand your vision and see that which can't be seen with the physical senses. It is something you must choose to do.

I am guided to offer these stones to those who are drawn to their message and who wish to invite them into their lives to guide and support the exansion of their hidden, yet innate ability to see the hidden "sparkles" of the physical realm.

These magical crystalline beings vary in size from approx. 1/4" to 3". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.