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You matter - part 2

in part 1 of “You matter”, I was exploring the connection between the message that my life matters and the arising ease in waking up, which was sparked by a Carnelian crystal essence.

As the magical vibrations of this sunset coloured Star Song was transmitting, the answer came. It allowed awareness of an old cycle to float up to the surface to be released in a most gentle way.

An old story

I remembered an old story that crushed my spirit and broke my heart-without needing to repeat the pain or re-break my heart. I was taken back to a time many years ago when I shared some joyous life changing news with someone close to me and how my celebration brought out anger and disappointment in them. I was deeply affected by that reaction. I didn’t realize the depth of this wound until just then.

That trauma got embedded into my heart and the fallout rippled through time into many areas of my life. Writing this now I realize that moment all those years ago was one of the biggest transitions of my entire life. It may actually have been the moment that marked the greatest turning point in my entire life. And now I understand why I was taken back to that time and shown this specific event. This Star Song was about easing the shift through transition and this memory was about the grandest change I’d ever experienced.

Clarity had begun to seep in. However, at this point I was still not sure about how sharing my news with someone who did not share my joy was in any way related to how “my life matters” … how I matter.

So I became still and listened to the answer …


Your life must matter to you.

Your joy is yours.

Others may be able to celebrate with you and some may be more sincere about their happiness for you than others. BUT it shouldn’t matter – or it doesn’t need to matter – whether they share in your joy because it is your joy.

The universe doesn’t just give you permission to feel joy, it insists on it because that is the only way for your soul to break through your skin and shine out into the world. AND THAT is what you came into your existence for …


The only way to do that is to feel your joy openly and the only way to feel your joy openly is to let your soul shine through and the only way your soul can leak out through your body is through your joy and the only way you can feel your joy is to let your soul shine through.


You see the issue.

It’s possible to break out of this pattern. The Star Songs are one way. Connecting with crystals are another. They can play with time and space and slow down the rhythm of the world so you can jump into flow. You can do this too. It is a natural magical ability. But until you figure out how to do it consciously and purposefully, the crystals and Star Songs can help. Then when you’re ready they will show you how to do it yourself.

I was shown that by giving so much weight to what someone else thought about my experience, I was in a sense saying that what they feel and think matters more than how I feel. My joy was diminished because I gave more importance to the reaction of another person over what I was feeling myself. I was in essence telling the Universe that I don’t matter. That whole time, the Universe had been consistently and gently arguing with that false belief and reaffirming that this was not truth-that I do matter.