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You matter

I have always been challenged by transition…by moving from one place to another…from one task to another…even from the spot where I am sitting to another position Really it’s about anything that has to do with change, including moving from one state of being to another. 

The most challenging transition for me has the one from night to day and from sleeping to waking. Getting out of bed in the morning was hard for me. Significant since I’ve been on a journey of spiritual awakening. Being asleep and awakening are THE metaphors of spiritual growth. The connection was not lost on me. 

Then in answer to my unspoken desire to make my physical awakening easier, a trio of Carnelian crystals began singing. They volunteered to co-create a Star Song for me. I noticed immediately that waking up in the morning became easier.

After basking in the beauty of the energetic emanations of this Star Song for a time, a message came through. The message of these stone beings was so profoundly powerful that I was brought to tears. It was not just a personal for was for our Crystal Community as well...for you


The crystals say…


Dearest beautiful soul,


You matter.


Your life matters.


Every nanosecond that you are in this life you’ve been chosen for, matters.


We want more for you than just to hear these words. We want you to feel the truth of this.


Hold us in your hands – or in your heart if we are not physically present with you – and let us show you how much you matter.


Let us show you how beautiful you are to the Universe.


While the “you matter” Star Song was in presence, waking up in the morning was much easier for me. With each passing morning I felt lighter, more ready to leave my cozy cocoon and move into the day.

I was not taking this great gift for granted but I must admit that I was wondering what the connection was between the message that my life matters…and this dawning ease in waking up? They seem to be very separate topics. What does one have to do with the other?

This is the brilliance of the Universe…showing us connections where we would never have noticed them. As the magical vibrations of this Star Song continued transmitting the answer came in another song—another messagewhich will be shared in the next light log post.

To be continued  


Originally published June 27, 2018