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You know when things are so clear?

A Titanium Gas Phantom Crystal offered its blessing in harmony with the Fall Equinox and showed us how clear things can be during the peak point of transition. It personified what I had been sensing during this powerful time.

This day marks the beginning of the fall season and is the halfway point between the longest and shortest days of the year. It is a time of great earth shifts and the energies of the Universe are dancing and twirling. The sensitive ones among us may know that the intense vibrations that we’ve been feeling are because of these swirling energies––though they might not know what to do with what they’re feeling.

Season of change

If we can manage to tap into the power of this season of change and flow with it, we can give our projects and creations - and even our personal well being––an added boost. It’s like getting a jolt of caffeine and going into hyperdrive except we don’t experience the crash that normally comes when the black awakening potion wears off. When we ride this energetic wave, we can effortlessly finish projects that keep getting put off or be inspired to create something new (or both).

If we are not conscious of what is happening around us these powerful energies can send us into overwhelm and fear which will cause us to feel drained and be unproductive. And then when the energetic whirlwind passes, we will have lost the magic of the moment. That vibrational pattern will not ever be recreated. There will be other transitional moments in time but each will have its own unique energy signature and effect on us. No two are alike and so when each passes, so too will the potential creations that become possible through our experience with them.

A Crystal to help

The crystalline ones are geniuses at transition and at reflecting to us how we can move through the change with greater ease by connecting to the energy of earth’s current cycle. Any crystal can potentially be your guide at this time. The right one will be singing for you. If you’re not hearing the song of a particular crystal, you can enlist the aid of the Titanium Gas Phantoms for clarity, Selenite to create in light, or Obsidian to cut ties to things that no longer serve your ultimate purpose.


Originally published: September 23, 2019