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Yellow at the Crown

There are many different ways through which we can experience the magic of crystal energy.

Healing and Art

Some people like to create gorgeous geometrically harmonious grids to create balance and peace in the home or heart. They are also stunning works of art. They can be quite elaborate. I’ve seen people use them for personal, group or even global projects. We can even become part of a crystal grid through crystal layouts—usually facilitated by a crystal healer who places crystals on key points on the body.


Crystals can enhance meditation by helping us to enter deep states of consciousness. In that blissful relaxation, they can lead us to our guides or connect us to the akashic records.

During sleep they can take us into our dreams, help us become lucid and then to remember what we witnessed.

Crystals can purify our water or transform them into medicine through the co-creation of crystal elixirs.

Crystals don’t need to be physically present for us to connect with them. We can attune to them by distance through a picture, memory or imagination. Or we can receive crystal energy through a Crystal Tarot or Oracle deck.

There is something special though about holding a crystal in your hands or having them close by. With all the many ways to connect with crystals, just simply being present with them can be the most powerful.

The old way

There are some crystals we tend to connect with in a particular way. Especially when it’s been recommended by a crystal healer or book. Rose Quartz to expand the heart. Black Tourmaline for protection. Citrine to attract abundance. Lithium Quartz to calm the nerves. Shungite to keep near the computer or filter water. A set of 7 rainbow coloured crystals to correspond to each of the chakras. You’ve probably heard me speak often of Rhodochrosite for self love.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of seeking out certain crystals for certain purposes. I’m putting out the invitation to switch things up a little. Maybe play with the chakra stones at different centres. The red one at the throat, the yellow one at the crown.

Try something different

Pull the Shungite sphere away from the computer and connect with it at the heart. Take your Rose Quartz pendant or crystal and shift your intention out of the heart and place it at the mind. Borrow a crystal from one of your crystal grids and take it into meditation or dreamtime.

Try to keep an open mind, releasing any expectation.

Then notice what happens.

You may not like it at all but perhaps you will find the crystals opening up new gifts to you.