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Year Stone for 2024

There is a sacred practice that I’ve adopted where I invite in a stone being as co-creator for projects that I am working on or to help me shift out of old unhealthy patterns and into greater well being. Just as you can call on a spirit animal, ancestor or angel to guide you, so too can you call on a Stone Being. I call these mystical beings, Soul Journey Stones.

These Crystals can come forward to guide you with a specific creation, like finding a home or life partner, starting a new business or career, or help you heal your body, heart or mind. But you can also invite them in, like you would a friend, to walk with you on a particular journey…like this next magical, powerful your year stone for 2024.

Song of Stones' Year Stone

Journey Crystals do not just have to be personal guide stones. They can come forward for families, for communities, for homes, for projects, or for businesses. Every year a crystal sings for Song of Stones. They are not just there to shift the energy of the business, but they come through for its community...for you. You are invited to tap into the energy of Song of Stones' Year Stone to bring some magical energy into your life.

The Year Stone singing for 2024, is Lightning Quartz.

Lightning Quartz Crystals

I’ve drawn on the writings of Melody, Katrina Raphaell for the following information on lightning crystals. I will be sharing more about my own experience with them as well as messages from the crystals (stone songs) in future posts.

A lightning quartz crystal is as rare to find as a Manifestation crystal. Lightning Quartz is a "Grand Formation", which can be used in surviving Earth changes and has been used to assist in recovering from shock and trauma.

Lightning Quartz can support swiftness in breaking the shackles of fear and dominion. It is said to bring the energy of love like a bolt of lightning.

Acting on the concept of inertia, Lightning Quartz brings the energy of dispersion to the "still". It can both focus and transfer the light energy in required directions. It is an excellent stone to assist us in modifying our path, providing an energy to cut through barriers and to clear the way for our progression.

Lightning Quartz is a stone of transformation and as such can be used to help those who are experiencing difficulty in the transition from the physical world to the spiritual world. Lightning Quartz has been used in projecting thoughts of the self to another location - in a way that the form can be seen or felt by others at that location.

Lightning struck crystals are said to hold information from Lemuria and the knowledge of healing techniques from other planetary worlds. This crystal has exhibited speed during the facilitation of healing and in the advancement of contact with the extra-terrestrials.

Your personal Year Stone

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to call in your personal Journey Stone for the year 2024. You can choose one or let one choose you. Be open to the one who comes forward. The greatest magic will often come from the most unlikely stone.

As you might imagine, I have several year stones for 2024. You may have more than one as well, depending on what you are creating this year. I'm working on several projects this year so I have Journey Stones for each major creation. If you need a little help finding your 2024 crystal guide, feel free to get in touch. It’s what I do.

Send you new year blessings of...

joy, inspiration, success, prosperity, well being, and above all … magic!