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Wild Earth Fusion

Crystals have this beautiful flair for joining together with other beings, from both the physical realms and the ethereal. If you are open, you will be shown the magic of this merging and blending of spiritual guidance. Think of it a little like a crossover between your favourite television shows. Characters come together from different worlds and those strange unlikely connections make beautiful allies.

Crystal Animals

I have seen many of my animal guides take form within the stillness of the crystalline realm. As a child, I had a very deep connection with both the animal kingdom and the crystalline ones, so their union feels very familiar and easy.
I didn’t understand back then that these beings were showing up in my life and in my consciousness to help me, but it didn’t matter. Without my awareness of it and without putting it into words, they did make my life easier. Of course, going into a connection with spirit guides with awareness will amplify and intensify the energetic experience that you have with them.

There are several ways in which you can experience the merging of wild spirits which are visiting in a crystal or who have made a home in a stone being. It’s not just animals who are found in kinship with crystals. Other wild beings of the earth can be carried by the stone people.

Wild Forms

I have seen Trees showing their form in stone as well as flowers and mushrooms appearing at just the moments when their particular gifts are needed in my life or to pass along to others. I have encountered and felt the energy of earth elements like wind, water, fire together with crystals. Metals such as gold, silver, copper and other rarer metallic minerals fuse with crystals to lend us their unified magic. Oftentimes these elements are physically present together with crystals and sometimes it is their energy that reveals their presence.

Time also brings us the energy of wild forms which have become preserved in stone so that we can see the beings that no longer live on our planet. Trees may crystallize, patiently waiting to share their presence with us eons after they have fallen. The shells of sea creatures are washed to shore so that we can connect and experience the essence of the beings who once inhabited them.

Seeing so Clearly

What I love best is when I see the shape and form of an animal or other wild earth being so clearly that I know without a doubt that Gaia sent this untamed energy to offer me a gift. The transformations that happen as a result of such connections is powerful beyond words.

Sometimes the presence is not so clear. Sometimes it is just a sense, or a feeling, or a message comes to you from the Universe somehow—someway—that tells you that there is a wild being here and which one it is. Then you must rely on the power of self trust to work with this energy.

Trust what you see!

When you hear the song of the Wilderines, trust what you are seeing and sensing. Trust in the purpose of this connection. Explore it. Play with their magic. Find the healing gift that they have come to share with you.

Share your Story

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