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When the Faeries Hide your Keys

The fae folk often get a bad rap. They are said to be tricksters and sometimes painted as vengeful. But truly they are fun loving creatures that show up as agents of the universe’s loving guidance. When they play with us there is no malice intended but their playful spirit is often misinterpreted.

The faeries sent us a message through a group of pretty sparkling crystals – “fairy” crystals, of course. That message to us … is to have fun. It seems simple and perhaps even evident, but take a moment to think about how seriously you take your life and you may see that it’s a message you truly need to “take seriously”.

Smell the Roses

Think about it … how often do you take the time to literally SMELL THE ROSES? Laugh at the cliche if you will but answer the question! There is a myriad of “scent”sations in our lives but our senses have been so dulled and overburdened by the torrent of artificial stiumuli that continually assail us that we don’t even notice them. Just like we don’t notice the magic the Universe sends us all the time. Or we misinterpret it. Yes … like the faes.


Life is a buffet of sensations to tease our senses, in thought, feeling and emotion. Just the simple act of breathing can take is to heights of pleasure the likes of which often go unexplored throughout one’s entire lifetime. But we’ve “forgotten the simple things” (yes ANOTHER cliche).

We’ve forgotten how to PLAY!

So while you’re blaming the faes for hiding that trinket or moving that object you just tripped over right into your path … understand that they are NOT out to get you but rather they are inviting you to play. They are inviting you into a forgotten la la la land. They are offering you a gift. They will show you how to reignite those dulled senses and learn to FEEL the world the way you did when you were a child. They come to reawaken your inner child. They invite you – the inner you – the true you – the fun you – OUT TO PLAY.



Have you banished your FAE friends and guides of sparkle and laughter from your life?

If you’d like to invite those playful spirits back into your heart and into your life, consider the Fairy Crystals a personalized invite, sparkles included. You could of course just ask directly … but the crystals add a twinkle to your plea. And they are wondrous “wing-men” in igniting a connection.




ohhhhhhh … they just told me that to invite them back, you may hold your fairy crystal wand up in the air … turn 3 times keeping your wand up and out, creating a circle around you … say the magic words … then watch for the magic to happen. Remember, the faeries will know if you are SERIOUS or not. You must let loose and have fun. You must be seriously playful! It’s a conundrum for if you take it seriously, you won’t be having fun, but if you’re not serious about having fun, it won’t be real. It’s a faery riddle for you to figure out. Ask the crystals for help, they’ll happily reveal the secret : )


Originally Published February 28, 2015