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What you believe about Quartz Crystals may not be true!

We humans hold strong to our belief systems – even when evidence and logic point in a completely different direction. That’s because we build so much around those beliefs that it becomes a delicate structure where if one small part is removed the whole house comes down.  Standing fast in our beliefs becomes second nature.  We’re comfortable there.  Even if something is no longer true for us, it’s easier to stay in old beliefs than it would be to rearrange our lives.

This is the same with all aspects of our lives. It is the same when it comes to crystals.  We pick up certain ideas and beliefs about the stone beings and we hold onto them.

For instance, you may have heard from someone or read someplace that Quartz Crystals amplify energy.  It may be true of Quartz Crystals in general, but it might not apply to the particular Quartz Crystal that you brought home.  So, when the crystal doesn’t have the effect you were expecting, you may lose hope in the power of crystals.  Or worse – you may create a belief that says you are not worthy of this crystal’s gift or you are not wise enough, spiritual enough or experienced enough and so it’s not working for you.  And even if it were true and your crystal was amplifying energy as you expected, holding that belief closes you off to other energetic possibilities that this crystal may be willing to gift to you.


If you believe that Quartz Crystals are amplifiers of energy, you will likely see that. You may not notice that while the crystal is amplifying energy, it is sharing an important message with you, it is enhancing your dreamtime and it is creating an energetic field of sacred space around you (to name a few). You will not see it unless you are open to it – unless you let go of your expectations.

If you can go into a connection with a crystal without expectation, judgement or any type of belief of who or what the crystal is, you open up a door to limitless possibilities. Your experience with the crystals will change so dramatically that there will be no doubt that what is happening is a result of that connection with the crystal.

The most beautiful thing about the crystals is that they themselves do not hold limiting beliefs, expectations and judgements. They vibrate that pure energy of acceptance and just being around them exposes you to that. Really it’s that simple … just be with them and you will naturally, inevitably, inexorably expand in your awareness. It may take some time – years even – so you must be patient. Just continue to be with your stone companions and allow the transformation to happen, naturally. Of course the process can be accelerated simply by opening your awareness to the possibility.

All that ever changes in this physical reality is your awareness. What is outside of you is a reflection of what you believe. Changing your outside world is a simple matter of changing what you hold inside. It’s not easy. It’s never easy to shatter illusion. Crystals are masters at pure and truthful reflection. They will show you what you need to see – always – and they do so in a very gentle and loving way. They can help make acceptance of the truth easier.