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What we think we know about Crystals

We think we know what the stone beings are.  We think we know that a quartz crystal has six sides and a ruby is red and nothing sparkles like a diamond.  We think we know that crystals carry the energy of those in their presence and that they can be cleared of any of the energy that we don’t ressonate with.  We think we know that crystals have energy to help us heal.  We think we know that we can pick up a book and look up the healing properties of a crystal when we need a specific type of help, like with abundance, stress, connecting with the angels, etc.
All of what we think we know may or may not be true, but it certainly does not come close to even sctatching the surface of who the stone beings are and why they are here.
When we come into the presence of a truly creative piece, be it poetry, a sculpture, a painting, a piece of music … what we see or hear or think will be unique.  Each person will have their own vision of what the piece means and what its purpose is.  Each person will have their own view of what the artist is saying to them … and no one is wrong; because true art does that.  It comes from a place so deep that it reaches all of us at our very essence.  It speaks to each of us in our own language.
The stone beings are like those deep reaching works of art.  The pieces created, not in trying to please another, or to make one famous, or for the value of it.  These are the pieces created for the pure and simple pleasure of creation.  The pieces that reach us at this soul level are pieces that come from this soul level.  They are called “works” of art, but they come from a space of pure playfulness.
The stone beings are here in that same spirit of playfulness.
In the act of connecting with them at that level, there will come a message so profound, it will reach right into the core of your being and forever change you.
That type of connection and this experience of deep shifting will not be chronicled in a crystal encyclopedia.  Your may find very beautiful, very wondrous, very true facts about the crystalline children in the pages of these metaphysical dictionaries … but if you want an experience that will shake you to the core of your very being, shattering long held patterns and creating an opening for new ones to be formed … for that you will need to go right to the stone beings themselves.