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What is love anyway?

The focus of 2022 is strength and empowerment at a time when many of us feel quite the opposite. This month we will be tapping into the power of love.

It is fitting that February is dedicated to matters of the heart as it is the month of our love holiday. The image of cupid casting love spells by shooting us with arrows comes to mind. The world is filled with symbols and stories of love. It is something that every human being wants—needs.

What can we say about love that hasn’t been said. That there is power in love is nothing new. But is there truth in that? Can we really access power through love or does it actually weaken or disempower us? It may have made us feel invincible but isn’t it also the cause of most, if not all our woes. Even if we have found the most epic love, at some point, we are hurt by it. Kingdoms may have been created for love but they have also been destroyed for love.

Is that power?

We have no mastery over love. We do not choose who we love and we certainly have no control over who loves us. Loving another and being loved does lift us up. It can even make us feel like we can do anything or be anything. But then losing a love can instantly change that. It can destroy us. That inspiration to take on the world can instantly turn to a feeling of being defeated by it.

So where is the power of love?

Poets, artists, mystics, philosophers, and even scientists have been exploring that question for forever. Can we really hope to understand it in a single blog post; or even in a month of posts.

That is wherein the problem likes—we are trying to understand it. We look at it as a riddle to be deciphered or a problem to be solved. We believe it to be an emotion that is felt when really it is a state of being. That state that is sometimes called presence or nirvana or bliss or satori is love. Trying to describe it is like trying to describe G-d. We can’t really understand it. We can’t intellectualize it. We can only be it.

That is where the true power of love is found.

Love is not felt in the spark of romance or the warmth of a tender moment between friends. It is not there in the safety and protection of family or the confidence boost of adoration. That is not love. Neither is it the desperation that is felt during separation, the pain of rejection or the grief that comes from loss.

These are real experiences to be sure. They are true emotions. They are mistaken for love but that is not what love is. Love is beyond any expectation or limitation or judgement. Love is not separated and doled out in measured amounts. It is always the same inside and out. It is not given or received. It is lived. It just is.

So how do you step outside of the limitations of what love is supposed to be? It begins simply with awareness. That is where the true power of love is.

What is love?

Are you open to letting go of what you believe love is and explore what love can be? It is not an easy ask, but it requires nothing more of you than an ounce of desire.

Once you’ve decided to go there, there is help. The Universe will send answers and wisdom in many ways. There is no greater teacher of love than the stone beings. Of course inviting in a crystal specifically for the exploration into the state of love is ideal—a Soul Journey Stone.

Any crystal can begin to break you open though. A Lepidolite crystal book to help you see into yourself for authentic love; Obsidian blades can help you release any current misconceptions of what love is; River Topaz will show you how to bring clarity and flow to the journey, easing and soothing uncomfortable emotions; or call on Emerald to see past the mirage that is formed by expectation and to soothe the heart when the illusion shatters.

Ultimately, and this is something you will hear me repeat again and again, trust yourself. Choose the stone being who is singing for you. The one that you are most drawn to. That will be the one that will help you the most.


Part of the Crystalize your Power Series