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Often times our spirit guides come and go very silently. Most of us aren’t even aware of their existence. But then in rare circumstances on exceptional occasions their entrance will be noticed and perhaps even witnessed by others.

This is what happened to me one magical summer’s day. Maybe a sigil I co-created that morning opened up a doorway or parted one of the veils between the worlds. I was told to expect something extraordinary to happen that day.

That was the day that I was meeting with my soul sisters for our annual summer meditation retreat. There was a mysterious crystal that wanted to come along. She was part of a personal Star Song Circle that was was currently emanating beautiful vibrations to me. I don’t usually pull a crystal out of a circle until the Star Song is complete but this crystal had already shown me her wondrous nature and I sensed that something magical was about to happen. Even still, I would not have been able to guess what was about to happen.

I find the Star Songs so beneficial that I always have a personal one in presence here. It is the only thing I ever drink. This particular one had been co-created with crystals who all vibrated with the energy of the mystical spiral. One day when I was pouring myself a drink of this magical elixir, one of the crystals got shifted to its side. I straightened it up but again it shifted back to its side. I set my stubbornness aside and left it as it was. Once I let go of how she was and accepted what she became, I was able to appreciate the beauty of her new form. I realized that there must be purpose to this crystal’s new position – one that would make the Star Song even more harmonious and more beneficial. The crystal stayed there for a while but then when I was taking a picture to share with you, she moved again – back to her original posture.

Like I said this was a magical being. So when she said she wanted to come along to my mediation retreat, I didn’t hesitate to pull her out of the circle and bring her along.



Along with my crystal guide, I brought with me a magical symbol I co-created that morning to share with my wise wonderful women. We had a lovely lunch and then afterwards we were taken on a beautiful guided meditation. I held this mystical crystalline being in one hand and a single sage leaf in the other (as inspired) and I journeyed deep into another world. As we were nearing the end of our meditation and we were all in such a beautifully peaceful state, the crystal dropped from my hands and landed on the floor with a thud that startled everyone right out of their bliss and back into our bodies. I had known that this crystal was trying to tell me something when it kept shifting its position in the Star Song circle. Now I knew what that thing was …

A new being had come to be with us … “a sovereign spirit from a new realm” has travelled here as spirit guide. It happened right in the second that the crystal dropped. The fall created an opening through which this magical being would enter. The timing of her arrival was no accident. She orchestrated it so that we would be present to witness her emergence. We may not have been fully conscious of it but I believe that at some level of our being we were awake to this mystical moment.

I am one who is very aware of the magic of the stone beings but they always find new ways to surprise me. I hope this story inspires you to look with new eyes and open awareness for the guides that are there with you right now.