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Trust and Truth are the same?

That’s what the kyanite crystals were telling me. This is what I heard from them while I was recording their Crystal Blessing. I didn’t get it in the moment that they shared it. But after I was finished recording it came to me.

I get it now!

Often that’s how it is when connecting with the crystals. Sometimes when messages come through the crystals the meaning seems quite clear. But there are other times when what we receive doesn’t make sense in the moment. That’s when trust comes in. That’s when we need to resist the urge to try to edit the message so that it will make sense. That’s when we need to have patience and wait for the meaning to be revealed.

This message happened to be related to the Crystal Blessings themselves. For those of you who are not familiar with the crystal blessings, they are short videos that I share out in the mornings through which the crystals send out their lovely light and healing energy to those who wish to receive it. It’s a way to begin your day on an uplifting note and a nice change from anxiety inducing news and posts that intensify our insecurities. I’m a big advocate for focussing on the light and crystals are all light. You can’t get much higher in vibration than the crystals.

You can experience the crystal blessing first hand by clicking on the play button below. This is the one that inspired this post:

The wisdom was to record these crystal blessings unscripted and unedited and that’s where the connection to Trust and Truth comes in.

Trusting means following guidance no matter what - even when it’s noisy or clumsy - like Kyanite’s crystal blessing. Sometimes things don’t flow as elegantly and eloquently as others. But by sharing it anyway - that’s truth.

I’m now understanding that this is what the Kyanite crystals were trying to tell me.

That being authentic and trusting means ...

°Not editing out the parts that aren’t pretty.

°Not waiting for the “right moment” when the lawn mowers aren’t rumbling.

°Not skipping the awkward pauses when words are not coming to me.

°Not needing to fill the silences with banter.

In order to be truthful you must trust in yourself. In order to trust in yourself, you must be truthful.

In that way trust and truth are the same thing.