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Three as One

3 ~ 2 ~ 1

Rutile, Brookite and Anatase are each one of the 3 mineral forms of Titanium Dioxide. So basically, they are all different manifestations of ONE ELEMENT! I think this is extremely profound. They clearly demonstrate the concept of ONENESS. It is a gift to see how one being can take 3 different forms. It helps us to imagine how in a world with a unfathomable amount of physically different life forms, we are at our essence … the SAME!

What is the magic here?  What is your song?
We are key in deciphering the philosopher’s Stone’s secret … the CODE.

Thing of it as reverse engineering in a way.

With us, you have 3 different forms, yet one element. If you unlock the secret we hold, in the ability to manifest in different form, then you will understand the secret of alchemy. Let go of all you know of alchemy – of all you believe about who we are and of what you believe the philosopher’s stone to be. That must come first.

[You were sent to search for one stone and you found several – each connected to the other in unexpected ways. So too will be your search for the understanding of alchemy. You began your search with one thing in your mind and now you have a string of connections.]

Alchemy – true alchemy – is not what it is believed to be by most who study it hoping to coax out its secrets. It is not the physical art of transforming base metal into gold and it is not either a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

You cannot work for understanding. You will only become lost in the shadows of the mind. You need only simply allow the understanding to emerge. It is already there. True alchemy is an art inherent in each of you. it is there at the essence of who you are. You cannot seek it out, for it is a part of you.

It permeates the fabric of reality. Its threads weaving through each of the worlds connecting them together. It flows through time as water flows through the veins of the earth.

Alchemy is not a science to be studied – it is a part of who you are. It is as natural as breathing – except you have forgotten how to truly breathe. You have forgotten how to allow the ethereal wind of life to fill your physical form in much the same way music fills your soul. You have lost sight of the glowing light that bathes your being as this breath of life moves through you.

You try to control it. You try to control your breath as you try to make science of pure magic. Both are illusions. Both obscure the truth of what is there before your very eyes. How incredible all the things which are right there that you just can’t see.

The magic of alchemy is not hidden from you. You simply do not see it. Just as you do not see the truth of who we are. You see the physical form before you – but you do not see us. You see us as 3 separate, distinct forms. You believe that you see us but you don’t. You do not see who we are – our true form. And so too is your own image – lost beneath a false form you have cloaked it behind.

Stop looking at us and SEE who we are. In order to do that you must stop looking at your own false reflection and see yourself as you truly are.

The 3 of us are here in separate and different forms to show you something – something about yourself. When you see that, you will have unveiled the secret behind the ancient art of alchemy.

So alchemy is believed to center around changing base metal into gold. Taking one physical form and transforming it into another. The three physical manifestations of Titanium Dioxide show is that this IS POSSIBLE. Modern Chemistry has shown us that it is possible to create gold from lead (though at such great cost that it is not practical). [surprised this is not more well known].

These 3 minerals, Rutile, Brookite and Anatase show us that though their physical form is quite different – at their essence they are the same. So then perhaps it is true also that at our essence we are all the same and so when we transform lead to gold – we are really only changing the physical appearance.

It’s like bending metal with your mind – you don’t try to bend the spoon – you realize that the spoon is not really there and it’s only you who is bending.

So the lead is not real – it is you who is reflecting a different facet of yourself outward.