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This Crystal is not a Fake after all

I recently posted pictures of two beautiful polished Ajoite in Chalcedony crystals. Someone respectfully pointed out that these stones were not Ajoite but Aquaprase, a trademarked stone.

First, I want to mention that I rarely bring in stones that are trademarked for a few of reasons: because of the controversy around trademarking; because the energy over trademark disputes gets attached to the stone; and because usually with trademarked stones, there are a lot of counterfeits. Even if I receive them from a reliable source, there is often no way of absolutely authenticating the crystals.

Personally however, it doesn’t matter to me what a crystal is called. If it is singing to me, I trust that there is purpose in connecting with it. The most transformational crystal experiences I’ve had happened with the most unexpected stone beings. When I offer my crystals to my community, however, I do my very best to represent them as authentically and as accurately as possible. This is the reason that I choose very carefully who I get my crystals from. I get my crystals from people I have the utmost trust and respect for.

The stones in question look enough like Aquaprase that I started to dig into their authenticity, beginning at the source. Even though I got them several years ago, my supplier was able to remember where they came from. I sent off a message and I'm awaiting their response.

I thought it was important to address this issue of Fakes with my community. I did more research into this rare and beautiful stone but the more closely I looked, the more I began to doubt if what I had was actually Aquaprase. I was inspired to pull out the Ajoite in Quartz crystals that I have and compare them with the stones in question. When I put them next to each other, they were so similar in energy and in appearance that I now believe they are in fact Ajoite in Chalcedony after all.

I took photos and recorded a video for you (please excuse the discordant sounds when I’m moving the crystals around—I record my videos raw and unedited).

It truthfully doesn’t matter to me one way or another. If they did turn out to be Aquaprase, I would be thrilled because it’s such a rare stone and I would love to experience its energy. But whatever it is called, this stone being has a beautiful energy and many blessings to offer.

This is not the first time that the crystals reveal their true identity in this way. This happened with a Dolomite stone that I thought I had unintentionally misrepresented only to be shown that I had it right to begin with.

I had a similar experience with a personal golden crystal which I believed to be chrysoberyl. This stone had such a profound effect on my life that I wanted to share it with my community but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. One day when my personal golden stone ended up next to some golden opals, I realized that they were one and the same. I had the name wrong and this stone that I had been searching for all these years had been here all along.

Somehow, when we are supposed to know—or not supposed to know—the name or metaphysical title of a stone, that crystal finds a way to let us know. If you can let go of needing to know what a stone is called or what it’s supposed to do for you, and simply listen to its song, everything you need to know will be revealed.

If you do need to have a specific crystal and there is any doubt over its authenticity, ask questions and check in with your inner wisdom. If something doesn’t feel quite right, trust your feeling. You can further cut down on the risk of ending up with a fake, by going to a trusted source.