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This Crystal helped me feel

I woke up with the image of my prehistoric crystals in my mind’s eye. Mammoth tusk beads, an ancient novaculite, a turtle shell fossil, a caprolite stone and a flint stone imprinted with a dinosaur and her egg, all nestled in a black marble bowl. Laying on top of these ancient stones was a tiny black satin pouch with a Stellar Atom tucked inside.

The power of a tiny crystal

Stellar Atoms are one the most potent crystals I have ever been around. They are stone beings one who WILL NOT be ignored. The first time I connected with one of these crystals, it did not let me repress what needed to be seen or felt. It was uncomfortable but freeing. I found myself reaching for it whenever I needed to express something, where my first instinct was to bury it or run from it.

This time the crystal came to me. I had the instant sense that this Stellar Atom materialized in this place so I would find it and be reminded to check in with my feelings. I didn’t know how absolutely perfect the timing would be as I was about to be in the center of some family drama.

Exaggerated Emotions

A family member said something to me that evoked a much stronger response than was appropriate for that situation. I have come to accept these moments of exaggerated emotions as an invitation to look beneath the surface of the feeling and see what is hiding there. Synchronistically, the stellar atom crystal showed up before I knew I would need it.

I placed it by my bedside and awoke the next morning still feeling upset about the drama, but with a clearer understanding of what was behind that reaction. A long-standing pattern of having my feelings invalidated with blame being deflected back to me. This ended with me feeling at fault and over-reacting. As soon as I got that, the charge around the incident faded and I instantly relaxed. With this new clarity around the source of the feelings I was now able to appreciate them.

The stellar atom also helped me to remember to limit my time with this person and when I do need to around them, to do so at an emotional distance, without getting caught up and attached to the drama.

Feelings are messy

As beings of intense emotions, we humans expend a good deal of energy avoiding them. There are multi-billion dollar industries dedicated to escaping them, or at the very least numbing them. They are messy, sticky, uncomfortable and can be downright painful. But feelings are also the source of our greatest pleasures. They can also be the compass for our purpose and direction. They are how we discern when something is right for us or safe for us.

If you are a highly sensitive person and/or an empath it is especially important to be in touch with your feelings. Because if you are not undoubtedly clear about you are feeling, your emotions will get mixed up with others and life will get very confusing.

Crystals can help

The Stellar Atom is the first one I think of when I want to express my feelings. There are other crystals who can support us to get in touch with what we're feeling and to do so from a space of love an acceptance. Crystals are the very embodiment of those qualities. Any crystal can potentially help with this. Lithium Crystals can help us feel without judgement. Lepidolite Books can help us to get clearer about our feelings. And Rhodochrosite can help us move deeper into self love.