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The Owl with the Crown

Several weeks ago I was in my backyard looking up at one of the trees and I could have sworn that I saw an owl. It was daytime so I was doubtful that I was actually seeing an owl, but it looked so real that I had to stare at it for quite some time until I could be certain that this was just an illusion formed by the design of the bark.

Right after I saw the owl in the tree, I found another owl. This time in a Celestite crystal and this owl has a crown. I knew this was not a coincidence and that if this owl with the crown had a message to share, he would let me know at the right time. Today, under the energies of November’s full moon, I heard the owl crystal singing and his message was connected to the owl I saw in the tree.

A message from the Owl with the Crown

When you look to the tree and see the patterns of the bark, you may think you see an owl. The image seems so real that it takes you several minutes to figure out whether it is actually a real owl or a mirage. So similar is the vision in the tree to seeing a living owl. And this is done by design.

The owl and the tree have a sort of symbiotic relationship — a partnership. It is like this within all the kingdoms of the natural world. Everything so brilliantly designed individually and as a whole. It works so beautifully.

There is an awareness of this partnership between the owl and the tree, on both their parts. (You can decide for yourself whether it a conscious one or not). There can be no doubt that the awareness exists on some level. Otherwise, the owl would not know to live in the tree that best camoflauges him.

By the way, I “happened” to look down as I was writing this part of the message and I noticed that my dress was the exact same colour as the crystal that was sitting on my lap, blending into my dress like the owl blended into the tree. There was clearly a reason I chose the dress I am wearing today. There is a reason for all the things in our world.

Back to the message …

There is a reason for the partnerships and relationships that exist in nature. If none of the creatures of the earth knew what they were supposed to do and which other creatures would support them in those roles, there would be visual and literal chaos in the world.

Wherever in the world you look, you will notice the relationships that exists between the creatures within each ecosystem. If you look closely enough, you will see that everything exists in relationship to everything else (hence the ecosystem). And as you expand your perspective you will see that each of those ecosystems themselves are also part of another greater ecosystem.

Like the creatures that live within them, the ecosystems are also in relationship. And this pattern is repeated through the natural world, much like the Fibonacci patterns that are found throughout nature. In other words, the relationships that play out between each of the creatures is also by design.

That awareness that was present in the owl and in the tree is present throughout the natural world. Until you get to Humankind. (Humans have become so wrapped up in themselves that they have forgotten that they are part of something that is so much grander than their individual existence).

Chaos in the Kingdom

You forget your interconnectedness with your environment and with each other. Without the awareness that creates harmony, there is chaos.

There is a chaos in the kingdom of man and that dissonance is spreading across the entire globe.

You can be sovereign and guardian of the earth while still maintaining a deep intimate connection and relationship with it. (as well as with each of your individual subjects).

In truth, you must.

Otherwise your reign will end, because the earth will end.