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The Magic in the Mundane

You can find so much magic in the mundane and ordinary happenings of a typical day. When we think magic, we may expect puffs of smoke, the sound of music, seeing auras, and hearing the voice of spirit – but there is so much magic right there in the everyday.

Working with the sparkling energy of the stone beings, magic is my normal. You might that the magic happens in listening to the song of stones and connecting people with kindred crystals. But the enchantment continues even into the process of sending the stones out to you. In fact, that’s sometimes when the most extraordinary things happen – in the mundane act of wrapping and shipping. That is often the best time to watch for the subtle signs and whispered wisdom.



I’ll give you an example. I was recently wrapping some special stones. It was a beautiful dance … I was guided to wrap the crystals first thing in the day. I usually prepare packages in the afternoon but there was a pull to wrap these ones right then. The stones are powerfully captivating when they are singing. It’s a song I can’t ignore. Believe me, I’ve tried. When they are calling in the middle of the night or at some other inopportune time I do admit I try to put them off. But try as I may, I can’t control any aspect this magical dance – even the timing – perhaps especially the timing. Besides, they really won’t let me so I have stopped trying.

So I went to gather the 2 Lemurian Crystals my customers chose. There had been a “mistake” in the shipping charges and they were owed a credit. They opted to have me include a surprise for them. I listened for the crystals who were singing for them. Without realizing how, I was suddenly holding 2 phantom quartz crystals in my hand. I was not sure how they came to be in my hand. I only knew that there was no doubt that these were to be for them. They were glowing and I could see two beautiful light beings emanating out a beautiful soft glow from within the stone beings – it was magical. The phantom crystals each found a place near their Lemurian mates. They were almost magnetically connected – there was a gentle pull – each one to their mate.

Then I picked up a deck of oracle cards. I am currently including a surprise card pull with each order. (I guess it’s not a surprise any more.) Normally I hold my customer’s name in my heart and shuffle until the card reveals itself. Sometimes the cards peek out from the deck and sometimes they just jump out. I’ve seen some interesting acrobatics happen during this sacred selection. The draw for the cards for these customers was very different. Just like how I suddenly had two crystals in my hand for them … so too did I suddenly have 2 cards in my hand. I truly couldn’t tell you how it happened. It just did. The whole mystical movement was clearly orchestrated by the crystals and the souls of my customers and perhaps even the Lemurians themselves.



When I shared this mystical experience with my customers the answer I got from them was so poetic and profound, I wanted to share it with you.

“Thank you so much for connecting with us in Light. We are truly in a Magical Time in this existence, one of profound change as the resonance & vibration of existence sings a song of light around us all as it rises lifted through each of our own unique vibrations in Lightwork. We are all truly spiritual masters, when we allow ourself to see the true essence of our spirit. The Angelic messages that We receive daily, pour in like a crystal clear spring waters. Perhaps it’s the “Waters of Life” that we are drinking from… we are all on a mission of finding the balance between Spirit & Ego & as we do, new realms fill with new colors that resonate to the sound of the Sacred Shine as we Evolve. Perhaps the meaning of Life is The Evolution of Consciousness.

Walk in Light & Many Thanks,

David & Jennifer”


I’m sharing this story with you because I wanted you to know that the magic doesn’t stop when you’ve chosen (or have been chosen by) the stone beings. I don’t just honour them during the “listening” process I heed their song and trust universal guidance from the time we first connect until the stones are on their way home – and perhaps even after that. Often the connections that are created and the trust that builds between my customers and myself through this sacred dance carry on for years after.

In learning how to listen to the song of stones, the crystals have taught me to find the magic in places I never thought to look. I am ceaselessly amazed by the extraordinary in the ordinary.