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The light of Fluorite

Crystals heal us in ways that we really don’t fully understand. 3 magical, deep blue fluorite gems have come forward to heal us in 3 ways: through their crystal moon message through a Star Song through their physical presence in a magically guided way. Everything about this crystal co-creation was magically orchestrated.

Blue Magic

Everything about this crystal co-creation was magically orchestrated …

Three gemmy deep Blue Fluorite Crystal tumbles were singing so powerfully as I was walking out the door of my suppliers with my crystals already wrapped. I couldn't ignore them and scooped them up and brought them home. They volunteered to bring through a Crystal Moon Message under the new moon. After they whispered their message, they offered their energy for the Blue Light Star Song mystical essence.

The day that I received the 3 blue gems, I also picked up some raw blue fluorite crystals. I was guided to cleanse them under water this morning and offer them to you in triads. There happens to be exactly 4 triads and their forms and colours harmonize beautifully. This has been clearly orchestrated for us so that we can know that it is these specific 4 triads which have come together for this purpose of opening the portals to revise reality (more about that in the Crystal Moon Message).

Blue Guardian

If you feel you are to be guardian to one of these triads and you're ready to make magic together, you will know immediately. The magic of these crystals is incredibly powerful.

There was magic happening even in creating that weekend’s Sunday Sparkle newsletter (where this triad sent out a powerful message - go check your inbox if you haven't seen it yet - it's a good one). I sent myself a test message as I usually do and it didn't arrive. I tried once more and still it didn't come through. I tried again with a different email - and still nothing. Then 4 came at the exact same time: 10:44. I could have sworn I only tested it 3 times - but either way it is magical.

Get in touch if you are new to the crystal moon messages or Star Songs and need any information on how to receive any or all of their magic.


 April 30, 2019