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The heart of the Solstice

Today, a circle of crystals (called “Grounding Joy”) were singing in harmony with the energies of this sacred day—the winter Solstice.

This is their song... 

At the center most point of the seasons, when day is darkest, a shift happens. A shift in the weather, yes. A shift of light, also yes. But there is another shift happening. One that is not acknowledged. Perhaps because it is not known. It is a shift in the human heart.

You see, it is very easy to see the weather and the turning of the earth and the incremental dialling of light to dark, the passing star, the falling tree, the rising and lowering of the sea, and all the other movements of the worlds, as happening outside the self. But that is not the truth.

The truth is that the human body—the human heart—is part of the rhythm of life—the song of the universe. The emotions ebb and flow by the magnetic pull of life. There are many things that influence them. The movement of the earth is one. 

Chaos of Emotion

The shifts can be subtle. They can happen gradually as the darkening and lightening of the days. The feelings come and go in degrees and can spread through the heart so slowly that by the time they register, they are intense and overwhelming. That chaos of emotion can be soothed (and even purposefully dialled to the preferred frequency) by slowing down to the speed of life and coming into sync with the Universe.

Being in harmony with life is blissful. That bliss is what we are all rushing to find and it eludes us. Because we are travelling at a different speed, we pass right by it.

Crossing Time and LIght

At the Solstice, the universe creates a very special alignment—a convergence of time and light.

In a sense, the world slows down and invites us to come into alignment with it. We can of course enter at any point during the the earth’s circle, but there are certain times when it is easier and today is one of those times.

This day is not just the turning point from the darkest night of the year to that of starting towards the lightest. It is an invitation to jump into the waves of the collective conscious flow of the entire universe. To get still and feel yourself and your heart in this universal rhythm.

What is your answer to this sacred call?