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The Heart of Grounding

The Universe is always communicating with us. In many ways. Through this conversation we are guided on a path and given many clues. Over the past year, the universe was speaking to me. There was a story unfolding. One that I could only become aware of if I was listening AND if I followed the trail of sparkles that the universe was sprinkling on my path.

Each one led me to some element of this message I didn’t even know was coming through. A crystal, a conversation, a physical sensation. All seemingly separate, yet they were tied together by an underlying thread that would not be revealed until I had collected enough of the pieces and I was paying attention.

It began last year (or maybe at my birth) as I felt Gaia in a way I have never experienced her before. She had been whispering to me all along but suddenly I was hearing her so clearly that there was no doubt in my mind that she was speaking to me. And though I already had a deep bond to the earth, my relationship with her changed that summer. I had always seen and loved the earth but now I felt seen and loved by the earth.

I’m going to tell you about all the seemingly separate elements and show you how they added to create a bigger picture. They all came with their own gifts but together they held a message that was profound beyond expectations.



The strangest things were happening with 3 of the doors in our house. They were locking us in - or out - depending on which side of the door we happened to be behind in the moment that they “locked”. Even when we replaced one of the doors and got a brand new door knob - it still was happening. That had me perplexed. I had some ideas of what the universe was telling me through this experience. One had to do with our moving and sensing that the time line was moving up. The other was about appearances - what was I showing the world about who I was - and how inviting was I being. One of the messages I received was about boundaries. The symbolism makes sense but this was not a new concept to me. I already knew about my issues with boundaries, so I dismissed that theory. I would later come to see that there was actually something new I needed to understand about boundaries.



I had been experiencing pain in my left heel. The pain was so intense that I thought there might be something torn or broken in my foot. I have been gifted with some powerful healing techniques which eased the pain and allowed me to function but I was considering the possibility of having my foot x-rayed. (If you know me - seeing a doctor is always a last resort). I realized that this was an energetic shift that was showing up in my physical body, rather than a physical one, when the pain shifted from my left foot to my right. It was the same sensation. It just switched feet. When I asked what the pain was showing me, the universe whispered the words Achilles heel. I realized that this was about vulnerability. I was later led to see that this message of vulnerability was related to the “Materializing Money Journey” that I was in the midst of. Though these realizations were valid and on point, they were only one layer of the Universe’s message. This too would be connected to all the other pieces of the puzzle. I would need to have them all before I could see the bigger picture.



This year, I started to experience some irregular heart rhythms. I thought they were connected to my thyroid meds. When my symptoms eased after my dose was changed, I was satisfied that I had found the cause. Then the heart palpitations returned and I thought I needed to change my medication again. I was tested and my meds were fine so I was booked in to receive a heart monitor. I asked the Universe for insight into the purpose of this experience and I was shown that I was not in rhythm with the Universe. I was gifted a technique to bring my heart in alignment with the earth. It was a beautiful experience and I found myself being grateful for the issue that led me to this discovery.

Just before I was due to go in for the test, my heart returned to its normal rhythm. I realized that the physical cause coincided with me running out of my dried peaches. I didn’t like the taste of the new batch and I stopped eating them. Right afterwards, my symptoms disappeared. Of course I had also been doing some energetic work and I realigned with the pulse of the earth through the meditative breathing Gaia showed me how to do. On a physical level the cure could have been either of those things. On the spiritual level it seems that I was complete in what the experience came to show me.

At the same time, I was also shown that not only was my heart out of rhythm with the Universe but I was also out of step with the universe and that was another layer to the physical sensations I was feeling on my heel. This did not invalidate my initial message. It just added more depth.



In harmony with all the other elements of this unfolding story, the 3s had been showing up for me everywhere. I was guided to bring the frequency of this number into my work and my meditation practice in a big way. But also I was connecting more with the trinity of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.



Along with stepping and breathing in rhythm with the Universe, I was beginning to receive more pieces to the grounding practices that had been coming through. I started to notice that the grounding piece of the Crystal Mindfulness Meditations (Crystal Blessings) that I share with my community was shifting. It felt like that part of the meditation now held more importance and has become more sacred.



Then came the Grounding Crystals. There was the Quartz Crystal with the very large Grounding face and the heart shaped river stone that had a message about grounding. One morning right after recording a video about grounding, I went for a walk and found a foot shaped stone which had been placed right on my path by the Universe. Then the fairy feet began singing. (If you didn’t see any of these posts or videos about these crystals, you can find them all on our private Crystal Blessings Facebook page).



The doors … are boundaries that create a separation between ourselves and our earth. There is much that I can say about this. We are disconnected from the earth now on so many levels. The top layer of our soil has become devoid of the richness of minerals and life that was once abundant in this first level of connection between our body and our earth. Now when we stand upon the earth, we no longer feel the same level of grounding that we once did.

The feet … it’s so easy to see the correlation between the earth and our feet. Our feet are the “doors” through which the energies of our planet flow in to our bodies. When the top layer of our earth is devoid of the minerals that conduct these energies, it’s going to be harder for us to feel grounded.

Grounding … is a term that is used when speaking of electricity. If electrical energy is not grounded to the earth it will scatter and short out circuits, creating a potential danger of electrocution. On the spiritual level if we are not grounded to the earth, our light will scatter, becoming unfocussed and unorganized. This takes us out of harmony and our power becomes diminished.

The Heart … I could not see the heart piece until I understood the grounding piece. Our cells conduct electricity and our heart depends on those electrical currents to contract at the right time. So when something affects those currents, our heart will not beat in rhythm and we will not feel well. It’s easier to feel the imbalance of our hearts than it is to feel the disconnect between ourselves and the earth. But a harmonious rhythm between our bodies and our earth is as important as the regular beating of our hearts. We don’t realize that yet and that’s part of the disconnect.

The power of 3 … was the last thing that I connected to this “earth love story” For now I’m satisfied that it is about the earth being part of a trinity along with the Sun and the moon. Being in balance with the sun and moon is just as important as our groundedness to the Earth. I feel that there will be more coming about this.

Right after I put all the pieces together, I felt very powerfully inspired to share the wisdom that the Universe has been communicating to me about grounding. I will be co-creating an in depth, earth guided, experiential journey into grounding in a new and powerful way. The earth is changing. We are changing. Our old concepts of grounding are no longer in alignment with our bodies or our planet. That is one of the reasons we sensitive souls are feeling so disconnected and ungrounded. If you are resonating with this and would like to be part of the journey, get in touch and I’ll add your name to the waiting list. You will be the first to know when this Journey is released.