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The feminine in crystal form

If you are of the heart that crystals can be male or female, you might be curious about how to know which are which. I have a group of crystals here who all emanate feminine power. They were singing recently in celebration of International Women’s Day. I thought I would share them with you as examples of how the feminine form can show up in crystals.


High Office Spiderweb Obsidian

This raw Spiderweb Obsidian stone is here for one who is made for high office—feminine leadership in the face of adversity. She is here to journey with the woman who is breaking the glass ceiling. She has high aspirations, great ambition and a natural leader.


Jahles Pyramid Priestess Red Amethyst

This beautiful red capped amethyst crystal cluster holds the presence of Jahles, the pyramid priestess. She is holder of sacred ceremony and can teach you the lost rituals of the ancient ones.


Water Sprites Ocean Jasper

This magical Ocean Jasper stone brings to you the magic of water sprites dancing on the pink floor. They connect you with the energy of the underwater fairies. They dance. They frolic. They play. They sing. They are here to take you deep into your heart and find your inner child and your elemental magic.


Becoming Queen Fucshite

This stone holds the story of a young princess becoming queen. It’s a story of transition from innocence to power; from maiden to matriarch; from subject to leader. She is here to help you to transition into your sovereignty—into your role as leader—into your position as change-maker. She offers both her support and her sovereign secrets.


Queen Mother Blue Record Keeper Sapphire

This unique record keeper sapphire crystal has a beautiful feminine form and a silvery blue tone. She is Queen Mother, here for the woman who is looking to manifest her majesty—to become her sovereign self.


Medicine Woman Smoky Quartz

This special Smoky Quartz Crystal has a feminine form. She is Medicine Woman. She is here to be guide and companion for Medicine Woman. She is here to help heal and transform. She has wisdom and ancient healing techniques that she is here to pass on.


Divine Mother Quartz

This Quartz Crystal from Arkansas has a burst of crystals radiating from the tip of the mother crystal—the Divine Mother. She is a teacher. She is an inspiration. She is a mother. One of her children has a vibrant rainbow. She is here to offer the experience of unconditional mother love. To help you open your heart. To help you learn how to tune into the frequency of divine love from your own heart.


Some crystals and stones as a kind can have a feminine presence as well. Opal is one such stone being. It has a softness and lightness to it that is very feminine—even when you find them in the more typically masculine colours like blue or black or gold. It also has the emotional, watery connection that is also very typically of the female persuasion.

That is not to say that all opals are female. Just as each individual will have their own personality and gifts, so too will they express their gender—and it does not have to be either male or female—it can be both, or neither.


Enter with a light heart

I invite you to enter a connection with the crystal with an open heart…find out about your crystal from your crystal. Take all the information that comes with a stone as a guide and not an absolute. Because all that is your crystal cannot be so easily distilled.

Go into the exploration playfully…have fun. A light heart will bring its own delights along with insights that otherwise would be missed.