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The energy of 2023

Copal Amber has been singing through the shift into the new year. It has a message about the energy of 2023...

Copal's Song

There are many things in this world. Many material forms. Many sights, sounds and textures. Many ideas and ideologies. Many philosophies and imaginings. They can be both wondrous and scary. With everything outside the self, it is easy to loose touch with the truth of who you are. And while it is beneficial to explore the many possibilities of what life can be, it is important to check in with yourself to make sure you haven’t become lost to your truth.

The human being can easily take the shape of what is around it. It is easier to allow oneself to become moulded to the current surroundings rather than purposefully taking your true form. That is why it is so important to choose with thoughtfulness, where you place roots and who you spend your time with.


What’s important to keep in mind, and what we have come to remind you, is that you can, at any time, change the shape of your life—yourself. It takes focus and energy but with time and practice you can be whoever you wish to be.

The image of your true self—your ideal form, is embedded within you. You need only release the many masks you’ve layered on top. It is easier than you may think to remember the self. This year especially so. Because the energy of this time acts like an ethereal mist, diffusing the glare of outside distractions and allowing you to see with refined clarity.

Plus you have us to journey with into self discovery.


Happy New Year!


What will you create in 2023?