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The Energy of 2020

Blessings Dearhearts,

Every year has an energy … a magical mist that holds a gift from the Universe for this current revolution around our sun.

Sometimes I feel it right away and sometimes it takes a few months. This time the feeling was there from the beginning. I just didn't recognize it. I didn't know it as the energy of 2020 and even if I did, I don’t know that I was able to put words to what I was feeling. What I was picking up on was the deep interconnectedness between human beings and the earth - but on a level I'd never experienced before. I felt Gaia's heart as if it were my own. I felt the deep love and nurturing that she has for us in a way I didn't even know was possible. It was powerful and joyful.

What are we really?

We see ourselves as separate from each other. We see humans as being separate from animals. We see the earth as a place which we live on rather than a part of who we are. We see ourselves as solid and solitary beings. But in truth we are very different from this perception we have of ourselves and each other.

Science has shown us that we are actually mostly space. In other words, we are more energy than matter. We have been shown that we are not singular beings at all but actually a collective of microorganisms. We call it the microbiome. (A biome is a community of beings that have common characteristics for the environment that they live on. Types of human microbiota include bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses.)

We perceive the myriad of microscopic hitchhikers as being separate from us. However these unseen ones don't actually live on and in our bodies. We are a collective made up of these organisms. They are not only a part of us - they are us. We are not singular beings but an ecosystem. We know that everything in an ecosystem is connected. What happens to even the most insignificant parts affects the whole.

A Grander Ecosystem

If we expand our perception beyond ourselves we will see that our physical bodies are a reflection of the environment that makes up our earth’s biosphere. So the human collective is part of a grander ecosystem that is our earth. All living beings on our planet are a part of this whole.

If we understand this, we can see what’s happening on our earth now in a new light. Then we may be able to accept that this virus that is sweeping across our planet is not a separate entity that is seeking to attack us. If you recall viruses are a natural part of the human biome - and so it makes sense they would be a natural part of the earth’s ecosystem. We don't see that, so we wage war on these organisms not realizing that when we do so we are waging war on ourselves. Our first line of defence is putting up shields to prevent the virus from getting to us while we try to find a more permanent form of defence. We do this without giving any thought as to how the arsenal we are using to protect ourselves will affect our health.

We have seen what happens when we act in this way through our use of anti-biotics. In an attempt to rid ourselves of an infection that is causing us to feel sick, we introduce antibiotics to kill the bacteria that is affecting us. In the process of killing the harmful bacteria, we end up also killing off the good bacteria that helps to keep our body safe from viruses and infections. Do you see the problem with this type of action?

We do this as well on our gardens and farms. We spray pesticides to kill intruders and in the process we fill our environment and ourselves with these chemicals. And for what? Greener grass and bigger fruit. The pesticides are harmful to us, our pets and our wildlife and they are not necessary.

We may be successful in temporarily holding off some insects, but they eventually grow resistant to the current chemical concoctions and come back stronger. Instead of trying to work with the ecosystem we become more destructive. The thing is, there are simple, natural methods available to us to grow foods that are healthier for us. We have ways of producing bountiful crops that use up less resources and do not require poisoning wildlife and ourselves in the process. So there is no good reason for continuing to pollute the planet.

Out of our wits

We tend not to be logical when bugs are involved. There is something about tiny insects that scare us out of our wits - literally. We stop thinking intelligently and react violently. The smaller the creature, the crazier we get around them. Even those who see the oneness of the universe and live deeply spiritual lives, will swat a mosquito from their skin without hesitation.

This virus that is here now has caused so much fear in human beings that in essence we have shut down the world. Just imagine the enormity of this. Nothing scares humans as much as a virus - one of the smallest living creatures that we know of. Nothing else in our history, not war, not famine not natural disaster, not terrorists, not anything has closed us down and had us taking to isolate in our homes. 

While we are doing this, the earth is healing - rapidly. The air is purer, the waters are cleaner, the wildlife is happier. The earth is showing us how quickly she can return to a state of balance if we stop polluting her. If we are really paying attention she is showing us too how our bodies can also return to a state of balance if we stop polluting them.

Are you there humans, it's me ...

The earth has been trying to get our attention. She's been sending hurricanes and fires and floods. And none have captured our attention like this tiny little virus that swept across the planet. It reached every corner of the globe in a matter of weeks and there is not one person on this earth who is not feeling the effects of the pandemic in one way or another.

The truth is that our health and well being was compromised long before this virus showed up. We have all been affected by pesticides, petrochemicals and antibiotics to name a few. What we put into the earth ends up in our bodies and there is scientific proof of that. Long term those things are going to affect us much more than any virus. If we were waiting to get scared into action, there is enough out there to motivate us. There is plastic in our children's bodies. How is that not enough to propel us to action.

Through this collective experience of this current global pandemic, we now know that it is possible for humans from around the globe to come together to make sacrifices for a common purpose in order to save lives if the threat is grave enough. The threat that we are facing by destroying our ecosystem is more dire than this virus we are hiding from. A strong economy won't matter when we don't have clean air to breathe. World travel won't seem as important when natural wonders are destroyed by indiscriminate tourism. Social distancing will become necessary, beyond the current lockdowns, for more and more people as intolerance to chemical fragrances continues to grow.


Mystics and spiritual writings have spoken about the concept of oneness for centuries. Modern technology has allowed us to see that interconnectedness in a physical way. Satellite imagery has given us a way to see that things that happen in one part of the world can affect what happens on the other side of our planet. We have felt the effects of that connection through climate change. We understand that pollution cannot be contained within our cities and spreads across the planet. As we purposefully try to eradicate the creatures we consider pests, we have seen other species suffering because of it. Now we are seeing how every human on this planet is affected by this indiscriminate entity that has swept across the globe and united us in a way that has not happened in our entire human history.

So I’m going to ask you something. I’m going to ask you if you can - just for a moment - try to shift out of fear (and believe me I know that it is not easy) - just long enough to entertain the possibility that there is something grander and deeper going on in the world.

Is it possible that the virus is not a disease that is trying to eradicate us, but a natural reaction to the threat that we have created to our earth and ourselves? Could it be that the virus is not an enemy that we must defend against but rather a collective solution to the imbalance we have created in seeing ourselves as separate from our environment?

How I see it

How I see it, the collective consciousness has created a situation - not to cause harm to us - but to save us from even graver consequences. When I speak of the collective consciousness, I'm talking about all living beings and not just humans = 2 legged, 4 legged, crawlers, winged ones, water ones, the crystalline ones, the microscopic ones ... all the ones.

Ironically this virus has caused us to create a separation between each other similar to the one that we have created between ourselves and our planet. The earth has been trying to get us to see that we are harming ourselves but we haven't been listening.

Will we listen now?

What will it take to get our attention?

Are we ready to choose to shift our focus from individualized material gain to the overall well being of all life.

This is why I've been feeling the connection to Gaia so powerfully this year. Because she's never whispered so strongly before. That is the energy I've been sensing ... the earth, louder than she's ever been and more loving than she’s ever been.

How do you see 2020?