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The energy of 2018 – the centre of time

Usually at the start of each year, I get a sense of the energy of that new year. For this 2018 year I didn’t fully feel it. Or maybe I just couldn’t understand it or express it until I was in the centre of it (around July 15th). That was the middle of the month, the middle of the summer and the middle of the year. It then dawned on me that the energy of this year was about balance and harmony. And when I took that thought deeper I realized it is about a “centre-ness”.

Of course I welcomed that energy of balance. Like anyone, I wanted to live in harmony where all aspects of my being (body/mind/spirit) are being honoured. And I also wanted balance within each of those individual areas.

I wanted my body to be nourished, healthy and move gracefully.

I wanted to be feeding my mind, expanding it with new things while easily remembering the old.

I wanted to feel a connection to my soul and Divine source while keeping just as deep a bond to the earth and other beings.

I mean we all want that. But if we go beyond that desire we have to live balanced lives we move into what I was feeling in the energy of this year … a centered-ness.


I’ve always believed that there are patterns in our universe, both in the natural world and in the human experience. Those of us who play with light understand that there are personal issues that come up over and over in our lives. Often times we notice them coming back after we were sure we had dealt with them. These personal patterns can be seen reflected in our societies, our politics, our history and our fashion. We can usually see these patterns playing out more clearly in fashion and literature rather than in history – though the patterns are there to be found in all aspects of our world if we are of the mind to do so. But we may notice platform shoes coming back in style before we become aware of a parallel between the current ruler of a country and the one that was in power when the shoes were first in. Sometimes it’s easier to see these patterns play out outside our own lives. So we may notice the return of mini skirts before we realize how we always seem to find ourselves in a relationship with someone who treats us unkindly.

I’ve been acutely aware of these cycling situations and am noticing how the reoccurrences are getting closer and closer together. I believe that is because we have been getting closer to the “centre-ness” I am feeling in the energy of this year. If you think about it like energy spiralling around a sphere, you will see that the spiral twirls around more quickly at beginning, taking longer and longer to go around until it reaches the middle. Then it shifts and the energy cycles around more and more frequently until it reaches the other end. I think we have reached the top of the spiral (the centre) and are now returning to the beginning.

There is another side to centre-ness. Centre is a line between two sides. It is the point between polarity. We are currently seeing this “point” manifest as an intense social and political divide. You don’t have to be up on current events to feel this strong split in our societies. There is another way we can see this divisiveness. I’ve noticed that there have been so many people expressing their creative and compassionate purpose and many who are coming together to find solutions to global unrest, inequality and needs. We seem to be seeing just as many who are expressing their fears through prejudice, conflict and disregard of moral, civil and human rights. I believe that the reason we can see this split so powerfully is because it is so equally balanced. It’s another example of this “centre” energy.

So are you beginning to see where I am going with this. Can you see how this energy of “centre” is playing out in so many different ways? Now I’m going to take you even deeper still – the type of depth that makes you dizzy. I want to take you into my wondering …

Can we take this concept of centre and expand it even farther … into the centre of our history – not modern history but the history of the entire Universe. Perhaps even into the centre of time itself. Is it possible that the whole world has been moving in a circle and we now right in the middle, just before we swing around to the other side and return to the point where it began?

We know that it is a powerful time. We have all been feeling it in every conceivable way. Even those who are not aware of the subtle energies of our world are feeling it. If we really are at the centre point, what we have been feeling energetically makes so much sense. Because as the universe is settling into balance before the shift back to the beginning, there is a teetering between the old energy and the new. As the universe is fluctuating before coming into balance, we are bouncing back and forth personally and as a global society. What the Universe is emanating, we feel in our earth and in our own personal bodies. Because we don’t understand it, we fear it. We are overwhelmed by it. Perhaps this pondering will bring about an awareness that will ease the fear and bring us into peacefulness.


I turned 55 today … if I’m to live to 110 (like people are wishing for me), then this day will be the centre of my life. Funny that I planned to post this in July but the Universe in its brilliance had me do it today – which worked out perfectly. When I started my mind prattled through its admonishment for having waited so long that the piece would lose its effect. Shows how much the mind knows. Had I not trusted the timing and the inspiration, so much would have been lost on me. The Universe has a sense of humour and a brilliance about its workings. It is genius how it gets us stubborn, controlling, and absent minded humans to notice the things we are supposed to see (and, for that matter, ignore the ones we are not).

Just now as I was typing this an alarm went off … I dropped this and went to the window to find out what was happening. As I scanned the street to find out where the noise originated, I started to laugh. The universe was blatantly showing me just how easily it can capture my attention and having a little bit of fun with me in the process. I get it Universe. I’m your puppet : )

So is the energy of 2018 about centre-ness? Are we at the centre of time? Am I’m projecting my own life’s centre out into the universe or am I reflecting it? Or is the Universe itself spherical and are we ALWAYS at the centre of time? Maybe it’s all three. The Universe is able to create such paradoxes as easily as it can set off a car alarm.

So I put it out to you energy workers and light guides … do you feel this energy of centre-ness?

I have just become aware of another connection. Yesterday I was hearing the song of crystal harmonies which are a gathering of 2 or more stones that I call “circles” and who come together for a significant purpose. I didn’t know then that I would be putting out this blog today. Until this very moment I didn’t connect the stone circles with this year’s energy of centre-ness, but I see now that they are indeed connected – not just because as they come together they create an energetic spiral but because they are “harmonies”. That is how we began this post today – speaking of balance and harmony. You’re doing it to me again Universe!

If you would like to experience the energy of our “Crystal Harmonies“, I would be honoured to listen to the one who is singing for you.