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The energy of 2016

If you are here reading this now, I imagine that you are one of the sensitive ones. Those who hear the song of stones usually are. As a sensitive one you are no doubt feeling the powerful energies that this year carries with it. It is the year of MAGIC. Magic is awakening. It is coming into our lives in so many ways. Yes it comes in our dreams, but magic is no longer relegated to dreams and wishes. Magic is real and you are feeling it. You may not know what it is you’re feeling but you are feeling it.

Last year was a year of awakening our inner desires. If you were conscious of the energy and focused your intent even to the most minute extent, you will have experienced great transformation. You will have awakened to part of yourself that you kept secret and hidden for so long.

The energies of this year, of 2016, layer atop the energies of the past years and are raised by them. Each year, as the worlds coalesce, the subtle energies get less subtle. From the beginning of time, these vibrations have been building and as we get closer to the point of completion of a great cycle, there is an exponential expansion of the energies. These are the most powerful the world has yet seen. They are the most powerful energies I’ve yet experienced.

Are you feeling it yet?

Yes … you are … in one way or another, you are feeling it. Your dreams are more powerful, your insights deeper, your intuition is expanding, sychroncities multiply and your senses heighten. You are feeling it. Yes, there is undoubtedly an increase in turbulent energies too – both man-made and natural events. But that is all the more reason to keep focused on the energies that you wish to create in this world. Your thoughts and intentions and desires and wishes are more powerful now than they ever have before. Choose what they are to be with conscious awareness.



If you wish to explore your magical side and connect with more awareness to the magical gifts which have lain dormant inside you, there has never been a better time to do that. Crystals are ideal guides when exploring your magic – because THEY ARE MAGICAL. Those of you who are familiar with their energy know of what I speak … and those who are just coming to know them are in for a wondrous gift when they discover the magic of the crystalline ones. The best thing is that even if you have no clue how to tap into your magic, they will guide you. They are brilliant teachers.



If you’re wanting to explore magic with physical guides, this is also an ideal time. The MAGIC IS AWAKENING (MIA) journey has begun. You will receive lots of guidance in this loving and light filled space as you are awakening to your magic and we’ll be with you for the whole year. You can’t rush this delicate metamorphosis. We have already had visits from very special magical guides, including the Thumbelina crystal and mermaid. Their energies fill the halls of our Journey Center. This journey has already created a vast expansion of the magic in our lives – and it’s only just begun. It’s not too late to join. If you join before Friday, you’ll be in time to experience this month’s magical elixir … a special Star Song co-created with some magical crystals.