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Inner Desires Awakening

Originally published as "The Energy of 2015", December 31, 2014

The Shape of Desire

A heart shaped crystal was singing a beautiful song that captured my attention. She came forward with an impactful message and a momentus purpose. Her message is to make us aware of the powerful energy sweeping through for the year 2015. Her purpose is to help us in unlocking and revealing our innermost desires and making them manifest. She is IDA (inner desire awakened).

This special crystalline being has opened me up to understand an energy shift that the world is experiencing at the moment. Here is what she whispered to my heart:

IDA's Song

Our world is going through a powerful transition. WE (humans) are going through a powerful transition. All the beings of this planet as well as the earth herself and all the other planetary bodies are experiencing this shift. We are all connected. We are truly all one being. If we see a shift happening anywhere in our Universe, it is one that at some level is happening within each of us.

The last few years have been very challenging for many people on many levels – socially, politically, economically, not to mention physically, mentally and emotionally. But things are turning now. That’s what I’ve been feeling … that’s what many of us sensitive ones have been feeling. And what I’m being shown in this moment is that this coming year is going to be about “DESIRES FULFILLED” …

The image I’m seeings is of the childhood game musical chairs. If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s where each participant starts the game sitting on a chair. There is the exact amount of chairs for each player. Music begins playing and everyone rises and walks around the chairs in a circle and when the music stops everyone sits down again. The twist is – each time the parade begins, another chair is removed from the circle and the one without a chair at the end of each round is out. This is not a game for the timid. I’ve seen people bumped onto the floor so that another can take the seat.


(NOTE: Synchronistically just before I posted this blog, I saw a commercial that illustrated their message on airmiles using the concept of Musical Chairs. It felt very much like a nod from the Universe.) 

Like in the game, humanity began with each of us in our own seat (having our own space in this world). The earth has been spinning in circles and it seems that with each rotation, there are less “chairs” to go around. Substitute chairs for any number of things: social opportunities, jobs, relationships, medical care, food, housing … etc. So each time our world went around, another chair(s) was removed and there were less spots to claim. With each turn, our choices and opportunities seem fewer and farther apart. That doesn’t mean things weren’t happening for people. There were those finding and sitting in the chairs that were available, sometimes by any means necessary. But there were physically LESS chairs available.

BUT THAT’S SHIFTING NOW. The Universe is shifting on her axis and revolving in the opposite direction. Now each time she stops, another chair will be added and we’ll have more space to settle into. Now MORE will be showing up for us. Now we will have the space for our deepest desires to be FULFILLED. If we are not aware of this newly forming landscape, we will not see it so easily. If you do not know that a chair is being put out for you, then you may not be looking for it. And unless you stumble across it – literally – you might not see it.

But this year’s energy is about far more than these newly added spaces and opportunities being made available. It is now easier to create an energy from within that attracts these “chairs” to you – and not just any chair, the one that is most perfect for you. You do that simply by becoming aware of and opening up to your innermost desires. Your innermost desire (ID) is not about something material. It may seem to be, but it is NEVER about something material. When you know what your ID is, you become like a magnet for it.

Pulling out the Truth

This is what I’m seeing that 2015 is about. It is about delving deep within and pulling out the truth of who you are and what you want. Who you are and what you want are not the separate things they appear to be. Being truly who you are with all that it entails and expressing that in this world – BEING THE MASTERPIECE that you were created to be – IS your desire – your deepest, greatest, innermost desire. So you’ll come to see that you’ve HAD WHAT YOU TRULY WANTED ALL ALONG.

Be patient. This will not happen overnight. You need to peel away many layers of protection that were put down to hide and protect the fragility of your heart. They are not needed any longer. Your open and naked heart is not fragile when it is allowed to beat freely. It’s only when it is covered under layers of disguises to keep from being seen and possibly broken, that it becomes vulnerable.

You have all that you need within you for this journey. However, the Universe will provide you with support if you wish it. If you are feeling overwhelmed and are not sure where to begin, all you need to do is ask. That support comes in many different forms.


Crystals can be a great source of support. They are perfect for this type of journey within for they are so open and pure and allow you to reflect your true essence in a safe space. IDA (the heart shaped crystalline being) shared with me one way that crystals can support you in discovering your INNER DESIRE. That is to invite a “totem” crystal to join you on that journey. A totem is “spirit guide” that you call in to help you to connect with an energy that you’re needing to integrate or awaken within you for a specific purpose.  Sometimes the totem shows up for you and sometimes you must call it forth.

Invite in your Guide

It can be very helpful to invite a guide in when you’re wanting to create something new in your life or to awaken a part of yourself that you forgot you had. There are several ways in which to ignite this awakening. You may choose to call upon your “ida” (inner desire awakened) crystal. Such a guide can help you to tap into the energy this new year is sweeping in with it. Some of you will need nothing more than the message IDA shared in this blog post. You’ll take this understanding and call in your crystal totem and be on your way to rediscovering your true self.

Some of you might want a little assist in the way of being introduced to your “IDA” crystal ... a Soul Journey Stone, except that it is called in for a very specific purpose. You can ask for you Soul Journey Stone to come forward who will help your Inner Desire Awaken.