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This blog post was inspired by a question that a customer asked about whether there may have been a mistake in interpreting the end of the Mayan Calendar and maybe 2014 is the actual true end.

The energies this year do feel very powerful.  I am aware of what some of the expectations are/were of what will happen or should have happened at the end of the Mayan Calendar but I’d like you to be open to the possibility that it does not signify the coming of the end of the world NOR that it marks a time of global upheaval.  Consider for a moment that the end of the Mayan Calendar heralds a new age, that brings with it a shift in energies – a change in the way things “work”.  So in a sense, perhaps the world did end – that is the world as we knew it.  It may be that there was a dimension that DISAPPEARED – that one of many worlds in our infinitely expansive Universe DID END.  Perhaps that dimension merged with the other worlds or created an opening that caused the shift in energy that we’re all feeling now.  Or maybe A NEW WORLD was CREATED.

We can debate and discuss the possibilities, make mathematical calculations and study astrological configurations until the end of the next century and never discover the answer.  Rather than focus on estimated dates or on what other say is supposed to happen, we might turn within and focus on what we’re feeling and sensing and experiencing.  That is something that can help us move into understanding and acceptance rather than fear and doubt.  Many of us do sense that there are energies available to us that have not been before and perhaps that’s what the end of the Mayan Calendar signalled. We can choose to take advantage of these energies and focus on well being and inner peace rather than the chaos outside.

It may be that the chaos we’re witnessing in the earth shifts, weather patterns and political, social and financial unrest is a reflection of our inner turmoil and fears. It may be that what shifted with the end of the Mayan Calendar was the speed and intensity with which our inner energies are reflected outwards.  I think it’s always been that way – that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world – but perhaps it’s just speeding up now – it’s happening much faster. Many have been feeling the “SPEED” which which the world is moving for quite some time.  Perhaps this is what they are sensing. So if that’s true, we have the opportunity to experience our power in a way we haven’t in eons.  We can literally see our thoughts and dreams and feelings coming into presence much more quickly than ever before and in such a way that there is little doubt that this is what we’re experiencing.

We’re beginning to see in a much clearer way, the correlation between our thoughts and our reality.  This is not news to those of us who are light workers.  We’ve known for a long time that our emotional state is connected to our physical state.  This takes it one step further … that our inner state is reflected in our outer world.  And collectively, this is true too.  So what we’re seeing in our world is a reflection of our collective hopes, dreams and creativity as well as our fears, anxieties and resistance. This is a time where there is great freedom of speech due to global interconnectedness.  It’s a time of great creative expression the likes of which we haven’t seen in a very long time.  It’s also a time of great financial, political and social unrest, not to mention the physical planetary shifts.  What we’re seeing is our collective consciousness being reflected outwards into our world.  And our technology is allowing us to SEE this in a very graphic way.  It’s what the famous quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” is truly and literally about.

You are powerful beyond your imagination – well really I should say your power is only limited by your imagination.  Now if this is true, the first thing you probably want to know is HOW do I create an inner state of peacefulness, prosperity, wisdom, joy. etc. so that I can experience that in my outer world.  That’s a subject for another blog – perhaps even a book.  What I can tell you is that you begin by getting in touch with your true self – by remembering who you are.

If you’re wanting support with that, look to the “Light Guides” to remind you of who you are.  When you are ready you will find them.  They are not the ones warning you to protect yourself from negative energies.  They are not the ones telling you what you should do and how you should do it.  They are not the ones telling you to fix the things that are broken in you.  They are the ones who are whispering your name.  They’re the ones telling you that they SEE YOU.  They’re the ones reminding you of who you truly are and gently guiding you back within to the WISE being you are. These Light Guides may or may not be human guides.  There are many different types of guides.  The stone beings are beautiful and powerful guides in helping you reconnect to your inner light.  Of course ANY stone can be such a guide for you, though there are some who take presence specifically for that purpose.  If you’re looking to connect with one of those special light guide crystals and haven’t been able to find it, feel free to get in touch and I can help you reconnect with your personal light guide or show you how to enter into a state of deep listening and find that guide yourself.