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The Crystal Forest

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Last month I listened to the whispers of the Universe and I heard a message of hope for the year 2015. Those whispers held a promise of desires fulfilled and this is the energy that will be amplified in this special year. A very special crystal came forward in beautiful harmony with this message and inspired the co-creation of a year long journey to uncover and awaken your truest innermost desires. Her name is IDA and she is the TOTEM stone for that Journey. That crystal, the wise being that she is, has revealed much wisdom and many insights already. One such wisdom was about how to work with the stone beings as TOTEMS. (We have gone into much detail about that in the IDA Journey online circle and we invite you to join us there if you wish to know more).

Working with the stones as TOTEM is different than working with other energies, like animals or ancestors, or fairies or angels, etc. For one they can be physically present with you. It’s not required as they really are not bound by space/time. But they can be there with you if you wish it. You can hold them and physically feel the pulse of their vibrations and for some it makes it easier to attune to them.

Another thing about the stone beings is their gentle and loving vibration. Don’t confuse that with their potential for intense power. They can be one of the most powerful energies in our Universe.

They may be silent but they are wonderful communicators. They have a brilliant way of getting their message across. They communicate in different ways with different people. For you they will “speak” (sing) in the language you will best understand.


Each month for the next year as we come to understand and awaken our desires, a TOTEM stone will come forward to guide us through another layer of our journey and perhaps offer a wise message or new insight to light our way. This month the Crystal Trees sing in the form of Petrified Wood from Canada. They hold the energy of the trees in ancient crystalline form.  They are the a Crystal Forest.


stoneforestG-06cI was at my suppliers recently and passed by these beautiful petrified wood pieces.  They caught my eye as they were lightly tumbled and didn’t have the high polish like most petrified wood stones that you find.  I loved the softness of their appearance.  They looked more like pieces of wood than stone.  But I was quickly distracted by the other stones and forgot about them.  Later that night I began to hear the song of those crystalline wood pieces.  They showed themselves to me in my mind’s eye.  It was a powerful call.  I didn’t even wait until the next day, I emailed my supplier that night and was back within a few days to pick some up.  My supplier was amazed because the pieces I was drawn to that day and the ones I later called him about, including the Petrified Wood were all Canadian Stones.  The Petrified Wood comes from New Brunswick.

I can’t say I was surprised that the Petrified Wood was calling to me as TREE had revealed itself to be a TOTEM for the IDA Journey 2015 but I was not prepared for the powerful energy I felt coming from these very gentle beings. They have a message for us. I have felt this message with me since their arrival but it has not been given to me in words yet. I believe there is purpose in that. I believe that holding the energy of the message before receiving the words of the message has purpose. You’ll find these special beings at Song of Stones, and they are being offered with their song (the message they have for us).

dancingtreecopyright Carol Fraser

(This special tree will be featured in February’s newsletter.  It is an amazing story)