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The Crystal Effect

Since this year we are exploring the crystal energy and wisdom that brings us back in touch with our sacred body temple, I thought we might look at the different ways that crystals affect our bodies—on all levels.

First let’s agree that crystals do have an affect on us. You may experience the crystalline ones in a completely different way than the person next door, or I do, but I imagine that we’re all feeling them in one way or another.

Crystals affect all of us

Taking a minute to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who was not affected by crystals. That includes people who are open to the mystical side of life as well as those who are cautious and sceptical of anything they can’t see with the physical eye. These people may be attracted to the stones for their beauty and sparkle, soothed by their harmonious energy or feel their incredible transformational power. But in some way they are affected by them.

There are some whose bodies are covered with crystals. Diamonds dots their ears, noses and belly buttons. Holes made for the explicit purpose of putting a gem in them. Amethyst hangs from their neck, while rubies, sapphires and emeralds are placed on their fingers. Small spheres of labradorite or moonstone circle their wrists. Sometimes several strands on both hands. Maybe these gemstones adorn the body for their beauty or maybe there is another reason.

There are some who I’ve met who will pick up a stone and tell me that they think they are nice but have no purpose or use for them. All the while they are stroking the stone, their bodies completely relax and their tone of voice softens. They reluctantly put down the stone and carry on with their day, unaware of the subtle but deep effect the stone had on them.

So yes. Crystals definitely have an affect on people.

Then, within the self, there are different ways to experience the energy of the crystals. Crystals can spark tangible, visible, physical changes. The can bring about changes to our states of mind or a shift in our thoughts. They can evoke emotional reactions. And of course, they can connect us to the spirituality.

Let’s take a look at these effects at each of these levels of our being:


Crystals can be the cause of many types of physical sensations. We can feel their energy in our bodies, as tingling, pressure, heat or cold.

Actually It was a crystal which first showed me how to experience crystal energy through my body. It was a shift crystal that my supplier warned me would spark major transformation in my life—and he was not wrong. After seconds with that crystal in my hand, I started to feel a tingling sensation in my hands. After that I felt the energy of every crystal I touched.

That was the beginning of many different types of experiences with the stone beings.

During a yearly fast, kept a circle of crystals nearby—crystals who were specifically singing for that purpose—and it was the easiest fast I’d ever experienced.

One time I remember unwrapping a Dragon Bloodstone and just about falling over from the sudden dizziness that came over me. It took some time before I was able to hold that stone without feeling the room spinning. I’d been around bloodstones before and have been since but that was the only one which had that particular effect on me.

Some people can experience nausea or headaches when they are around certain types of crystals. I want you to know that this does not necessarily mean that the crystal is harmful to you. It just may be that this crystal is not the right one in that moment, or it may be allowing you to release something big. The bloodstone that made me dizzy is one of my most potent personal medicine stones. I reach for it often.

It’s easy to get into judgement about whether the effects of crystals are good or bad, especially when one has you feeling the magic of the world and another causes you discomfort or even pain. Looking beyond the preconceptions or misconceptions can unlock the potential for incredible transformation.


We can feel the effect of crystals on the mind as well as on the body.

When we feel insecure, Carnelian can connect us to our confidence. In the days when I was so shy that it literally hurt to speak, I would carry Carnelian with me to a class that I loved to go to. It helped me to ease my insecurities enough that I could raise my hand and voice my questions and opinions.

When we are anxious, certain crystals like Lithium Quartz can soothe our nerves and quiet the mind. In my connection with Lithium I found that it put me in touch with my deepest feelings, helping me to bring them up to the surface where I can experience them without judgment. The constant, critical thoughts fade in the presence of this crystal—for me. And even if Lithium does this for most, it might not for you. We each have to come to discover the effects of the crystals for ourselves.


The heart responds so beautiful to crystal energy. I often hear people talking about their hearts opening in the presence of the stone beings. That’s probably because crystals themselves embody the energy of love. They are the children of the earth mother and she is the source of a very deep, maternal, universal love.

Our family recently experienced a loss and as an empath I’m greatly affected by the feelings of others. I took a duet of Carnelian and Obsidian—a pair that sang of “softening sorrow”—with me to the service and burial. I kept the crystals in my pocked and each time I started to feel a wave of sorrow, I put my hand on the stones and the intensity of the emotional wave immediately softened. I was able to be fully present but without the suffering. Something I’d never experienced before—in situations such as this.

We need to look beyond rules and metaphysical systems as we find what works best for us. The crystal books and chakra systems say to use pink and green for the heart and blue crystals for the throat, and though that may sometimes work well, it’s important not to limit ourselves to other possibilities.

When I first held a blue Celestite crystal in my hand, I was immediately drawn to holding it at my heart. It allowed my deepest feelings to surface and I was able to feel them no matter how painful. Its soft, gentle, supportive energy showed helped me to see my worth and my greatness. I was amazed that such a cool colour can have such a "heart" warming effect.


I could probably do a whole post just on the ways that crystals can connect us with our spirituality. Crystals live in many dimensions simultaneously. They can be a bridge between realms. They can also help us to connect to the power and wisdom of our higher self—our soul.

Truthfully it’s not necessary to turn to any other being to connect with ourselves. However, the many distractions of our world create a disconnect between our ego and our soul. So we often need a little help remembering how to find that higher frequency.

Any crystal can potentially be that bridge to our highest self. The best crystal though is a Soul Journey Stone. They are personal medicine stones of ancient energy which you may invite into your life for the purpose of initiating soul level alignment and the activation of your light body. The Soul Journey Stone awakens that forgotten power and ancient wisdom. In a sense, they bring us back to ourselves—our true selves.

How crystals affect you

I invite your to connect intentionally with your crystals and see how you are affected by them. Take not of how you feel each time you pick up your Rose Quartz crystal or what part of you that red quartz crystal affects. Do you dream more with certain crystals. Or remember your dreams with others. Which ones motivate and inspire you and when calm you.