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The Crystal Body

Pain takes us out of our bodies. Any kind of pain will cause us to run. When our bodies hurt; when our hearts break from the loss of a loved one; when fear takes over and stress wears us down. We don’t want to feel those feels that are always uncomfortable, and often unbearable, so we try to numb the pain with drugs or food or escape into mind numbing distractions like the news, the Kardashians, candy crush or TikTok. And for a second we forget our pain.

When we leave our bodies, we don’t only escape the pain, we cut ourselves off from the wisdom and intuition that could guide us in dealing with the difficult feelings. The very thing that could prevent us from further pain. We lose touch with the feel good stuff as well.

Joy also

Joy and pleasure reside in the body and the farther we venture outside the body, the less of that we will feel. Yes, we may temporarily avoid the yucky stuff, but eventually we will have to deal with it. The more time that passes, the more energy it will take to rehash and release all the emotions we’ve buried and abandoned.

It’s not easy to stay in our bodies and confront our feelings. If it was, we wouldn’t get so easily addicted to ice cream and instagram. We wouldn’t be busying our minds so much with gossip or relishing in almost instant gratification of the next day delivery of our amazon order. We would be blissing out on the endorphins that our bodies produce naturally instead of the artificially induced dopamine created by drugs or other addictive alternatives.

It doesn't happen overnight

There are ways to ease back into the body and we don’t have to do it overnight. Leaving the body may happen quite quickly, getting back in is another story. It’s our nature to resist suffering.

Then there is the matter of staying put. It takes time to remember how to reactivate the bliss hormones and patience to stay present during the process. It can be very tempting to evacuate the body again. And it’s likely that a person will slip in and out of the body before making it a permanent home.

Crystals can help

Crystals can be an enormous help. There are crystals which can help us to feel the feels. Crystals which can help us to cut ties and sever connections. Crystals which can help us to shift out of old, unhealthy patterns and create new, beneficial ones. Crystals to help us sleep and ones to help us get calm or even drop into meditative states.

I’ll get into more about which crystals will help with what over the coming year. We’ll spend 2023 focussing on the crystal energy and wisdom that will help us to get back in touch with our bodies.