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The Colour of Chrysoprase

A soft green stone that I knew to be Chrysoprase was singing to me. It stood out among all the others, appearing almost to glow. I couldn’t ignore it. I picked it up. I noticed the water dragon that was naturally imprinted on the stone. It was so clear and so powerful. What I didn’t yet know was that this stone was carrying a message. One that would be revealed the next day under the energies of the full moon (crystal moon message).

the purge

First this stone would share out its energy through a crystal mindfulness meditation (I call them Crystal Blessings). Its energetic emanation was that of release. This theme of letting go was playing out in my personal life at this time too. It was reflected outside my window as I watched the falling leaves signal the transition into the new season. It played out in my home as I rid myself of a huge amount of clutter that was taking up space unnecessarily. Finally this energy of letting go danced through my body as I underwent an unexpected fast.

Then something interesting happened. As I was sharing the images and metaphysical properties of chrysoprase with my community, I noticed that Chrysoprase had been singing at around the same time last year. I remembered how tickled I was back then that this stone with the fresh vibrant colours of spring had come forward at the start of Autumn, the season of rich, deep, jewel tones.

a fog lifted

As soon as I made this connection, it suddenly became clear to me that the water dragon stone that I was so sure was Chrysoprase, was actually Variscite. It happened in a split second. It was as if a fog lifted and I could see so clearly. Of course my first thought was … how could I have made such a mistake. Both these stones are very precious to me and I definitely knew the difference between them. Aside from being a similar colour, they were nothing alike.

Then when I “let go” of labelling this as a mistake, I understood that this magical being was communicating with me. It was not an accident that I heard the name chrysoprase so clearly. There was a purpose to this “mix-up” and I could see that once stepped outside my ego. They crystals are creative in the way they get their messages across.

continued in a dream

The message of these stones was to be echoed once more. That night, when I let go into sleep, I dreamed that I was visiting an aquarium wearing a bright green sweatshirt (the colour of Chrysoprase). My 3 companions and I sat down at the check-in desk, the attendant pushed a few buttons and we were instantly transported into another part of the building.

This dream was echoing the theme and message of these stones so brilliantly. It was showing me that sometimes life takes us on unexpected journeys and we may end up in a different place than expected. We could be angry at having been taken from our purpose (or what we thought was our purpose -- like I was in the dream at having been diverted from my visit to the aquarium). Or we could marvel at the magic that we had just experienced and see where it leads us -- to a Water Dragon perhaps. This dream was teaching me about letting go of what I thought was real and true and embracing the experience, even if it seemed impossible.

a new truth

There was much more to the dream and much more to discover there. That is a whole other conversation. What I want you to see is that the stones speak to us in many ways -- magical ways. If we can let go of what we think they are supposed to be telling us (or what is written about them in the metaphysical guides), then we will discover things that we might have thought were impossible -- or things that would have been impossible to receive if we were not open to a new truth.