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The biggest change

Yes I have a brand spanking shiny new web presence and even though the design is not yet complete and I’m still filling up the space of the cyber shoppe you can already feel the differences from the old web locale. However, the biggest change to the Song of Stones Website is one that might be easily overlooked. This excerpt from my main page says it all …

In honouring the crystals as conscious beings, all the crystals at Song of Stones are offered freely as a gift. The costs are for service in fair trade. This simple shift in the perspective and intention of sending and receiving the crystals can make a powerful difference in their energy. That is because when you honour the crystals as living beings rather than as healing tools, you change your relationship with them and thus your experience with them will transform.

Even before I was able to express that aspect of my belief about the stone beings in words, I engaged with crystals as conscious co-creators rather than tools. To me they had always been friends and guides rather than healing tools. Before I knew what crystal healing was – before I knew what light work was – when I was a child down on the ground on my hands and knees feeling the silent song of the stone beings I had an innate sense and understanding of the consciousness of the crystals. I knew who they were. I wasn’t always fully conscious of it but it was there in my instinctual interactions with the stones.

There is a difference in the way we interact with tools compared with conscious beings. How you connect with another being and how you see that being makes a difference in your experience them. Environment does make a difference. You are going to be different with a person than you will be with your computer. You will treat your dog with more tenderness than you do your hammer. Your intention and your manner will not be the same with one as it will be with the other. Even tools of the highest vibration and which are used for light work are still tools. And regardless of whether we value and respect our tools our manner of being with them will be very different than it would be if we were with a being we considered alive and aware.

And here’s where the magic comes in … even if you are not aware that the crystalline ones have consciousness and you are not aware that the person you receive your stones from views them as living beings, at some level of your awareness, you will feel it. There will be a difference in how you experience the crystal. It is a very real difference. You already know this. You can feel the love vibration even in inanimate things. It is the reason that artisan crafted things have a nicer feel than mass produced materials – you feel the quality for sure – but it’s more than that – it’s the energy of the piece that is different because it is made with love – cliche yes – but no less true. With living beings there is a greater depth to that energy.

This is the reason – I believe – that so many of my customers tell me that their favorite stones come from Song of Stones and that they feel a difference in the energy. That is because there is a difference in the energy. It’s not that my crystals are “better” or have a higher vibration than any other crystal out there. It is that when you receive a crystal that has been held in a space of love and respect, at some level of your awareness you will sense that energy. You may not be fully conscious of what it is you are feeling or be able to explain it – but you will feel a difference in the vibrations of your crystal nonetheless. What you are feeling is the vibration of love.

You should know, and this may be most important of all, there is no judgement from the stone beings about how you perceive them and how you work with them. Judgement is a human condition. The stone beings hold only unconditional love. This I think – above all their other magical qualities even their captivating beauty – is what attracts us to them the most.

So the biggest change to the Song of Stones website is that I have shifted the way in which the stones are offered. I have always loved the stones and sensed their consciousness. The difference now is that I’m taking my expression of this one step further. Openly sharing my beliefs about the crystals is just one level of this shift. In offering them “freely” and accepting payment for my service I am anchoring the energy of that belief in a very tangible way. I trust that the love the crystals are surrounded by will be felt by my community even more powerfully through this simple action. Let me know if you are feeling it.