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Talking to your Crystals

How to communicate with the stone beings.


Do you hear the song of stones?

Do you sense that your crystal is communicating something to you but you don’t know what that is? If you have that intuitive knowing, you are already in communication with your crystals. You just may not have realized it yet.

You are more in tune with your crystals than you might think. If you feel nothing more than a simple attraction to them, you are already hearing them. When you have a love of the stone beings, then you are certainly talking to each other. It sounds simplistic but there is an automatic connection that happens when one being loves another - even beings who are not of the same species. Anyone who has ever befriended an animal will understand this and if you’ve had a baby you definitely know this. It is possible to understand each other without the need to speak, naturally and effortlessly.

Beyond words

There is a kind of communication that is beyond words. Actually I happen to think that words can often confuse communication. Humans have a complicated and detailed language yet we misunderstand each other all the time. And of course sometimes people don’t communicate truthfully what is in their heart. We rely on more than just our words to form the full story. We look at the nuances of expression that add dimension to our conversations … visual signs through body language, feelings that are picked up by the heart and energetic emanations which are transmitted soul to soul.

Love between two beings is a bridge. That open heartedness creates a connection. So if you feel something when you are holding a stone there is already a dialogue happening. You are already talking to the crystals. To build on that and make it a conscious communication, you need only bring awareness to that connection.

The Crystals sing to you

If you are aware of the crystals as living beings and know that they are singing to you, then you are already open to their messages and that is a big part of the process. The crystals will help you to hear them. They are brilliant communicators. They have very creative ways of getting you to understand them and they have endless patience.

For instance,

The sense you have to pick up a crystal and place it in a different spot or different position - that is a message.

If you happen to think about one particular stone - you may even be able to see it in your mind's eye - you are hearing the stone.

Soon after you pick up a crystal, you receive inspiration for a new creation or a solution to an issue you've been struggling with pops into your thoughts.

This is what it looks like when you are talking to the stones. It is not as difficult as you've been telling yourself and chances are you've already been doing it. You just didn't recognize it.

The Key is trust

The key is becoming aware that what you are picking up on is a communication from your crystal and then trusting that what you are sensing is true.

It's always, always, always about trusting yourself and knowing that what you are sensing is real. The more you trust, the more you'll hear the song of the stones; and the more you hear the song of the stones, the more you will trust. It's circular and constantly expanding.

The blessings of crystals

If you want to work more deeply on your crystal communication skills it really doesn’t take much more than a few minutes a day of just connecting with the stone beings. This is one of the reasons that I offer the Crystal Blessings - which are regular recordings that take you through a short mindfulness meditation with whatever crystal happens to be singing that day. It is a nice way to enjoy the energetic gifts of the crystals, but the practice helps you to grow your listening skills and helps you to deepen your awareness of the song of stones.

You are already hearing the song of stones

I love to connect people with the crystals that are singing for them. But what I love even more is helping people become aware of the connection they already have to the stone beings. I want you to see that you are already hearing the song of the stones.