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Surround yourself with crystal energy

I’ve always been a highly sensitive person and empath. Before I became aware of my intuitive nature, feeling the feels of the world was at best confusing and at times terrifying. As it is, life holds many challenges. When you are also tuned into the subtle energies of the world, it can become unbearable—especially when you don’t know what it is that is happening.

As a child, I intuitively connected with the stone beings. I was always bringing home another crystal friend, not realizing that they were helping me deal with the energetic noise around me—perhaps even shielding me from dissonant energies. All I knew was that I loved being around them. They brought me comfort.

Such childish things

I grew up and left such childish things behind. But those primal instincts kicked back in when I began to have debilitating reactions to chemicals and emfs (like fatigue, brain fog and migraines). It was around that time that I began reconnecting with the stone beings. Someone simply mentioned the word crystal to me and the next thing I knew I was surrounding myself with them.

In retrospect, I have no doubt that being in the grounding and harmonizing presence of the crystalline ones, made a significant difference to my well being. The migraines eased and my mind cleared, I became less anxious and in turn less reclusive. As an empath, handling my emotions was one of the more difficult things for me but the crystals helped me to sort out what was mine and what was not. Life got easier after that.

The Questions

So what does it mean to surround yourself with crystals?

How many does it take to be surrounded?

Which crystals are best?

Where should they be placed?

When I say surround yourself with crystals, I mean live with them. Be in their energy. Keep them near you when you work and when you rest. Take them with you when you go out and when you travel.

You can also literally surround yourself with crystals, creating a sort of grid inside your home as well as outside the structure, if possible, with you in the center. I do both. In the room where I work, where the computer is and the tv, I have 3 large crystal spheres in a triangle formation, encompassing myself with their filtering energy.

How many crystals are enough?

One crystal can be enough. With one crystal and the right intent, you can create quite a beautiful field of high frequency energy around yourself, your home, your neighbourhood, and beyond.

For me, I’m around thousands of crystals and I’m always bringing in more. For some, a few crystals are plenty. How do you know what the right number is for you. Let your intuition guide you. If you are feeling well and good with the crystals you already have, then that is the right number for you. If you are feeling a strong magnetic pull towards more crystals, then invite them in. You can’t get it wrong.

Once you know how many, the question then becomes…

Which crystals?

Any crystal can fill your space and your field with transformative energy. Take note of which ones you are most drawn to, and likely those will be the right and best ones in the moment. Trust yourself—bring in the stones who you are most attracted to.

Which I first discovered the stone people, I wanted to experience the energy of every kind of crystal in existence. I have never met a stone being I didn’t love (if not at first sight). The kind of crystal or where it comes from really doesn’t matter to me. Though there have been times when I have been attracted to a very specific type of stone being, like when I first encountered Shungite or when I experienced the energy of Copal (which is our community’s stone of the year).

If this is all new to you and you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions:

Quartz! Before I became open to the vast, diverse world of the stone beings, Quartz was what I thought of when I heard the term crystal. There are many types and colours of Quartz crystals, but perhaps begin with clear or rose quartz.

When I discovered Kyanite, I was smitten. It is a very beautiful crystal. Even the name Kyanite draws me in. This crystal is a brilliant guide when exploring the concepts of trust and truth.

Calcite and Fluorite are key crystals for our time. They are found in many different forms, colours and sizes. Calcite crystals are wise teachers. Fluorite is highly organized and can help with structure, boundaries and mathematical problems.

Jasper, Agate and Carnelian are abundant, easily accessible and affordable. Don’t discount the power and importance of these crystals. These beings have shared some of the most profound songs with me.

Of course moonstone is a crystal most are familiar with and can help us tune into personal and planetary cycles.

Tourmaline is a true gem, but one of the most powerful things about this crystal is it’s attractive qualities. This crystal can show you how to draw into your life, that which you need and desire.

The precious gems—sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond—can lift us into our royal selves—our sovereign state. They can also teach us about true value.

Obsidian is a natural glass. It is highly reflective and can really help you to see yourself in the most truthful, yet gentle and accepting way.

Quite recently, I came upon Shungite. This carbon rich stone is a natural filter and helped me to be in the world without becoming overwhelmed by it. It is a stone I keep all over the house. It is one I recommend to all super sensitive souls.

Simple beach stones and river rocks and easily found and show us so beautifully how to ground and connect to the earth.

Play with crystals in their different forms. In their structured form they are called crystal. They are referred to as rocks in their unstructured form. Be with raw crystals and tumbled stones and notice how you feel with them. Explore them through their colours, shapes and sizes.

Where to place them

When you get them home, feel into where they want to live. Which ones need to be close and which ones do you feel better having a little distance from. Consider which ones help you dream and which help you to awaken. Before you leave the house, pause a moment and notice if there is one you’re feeling drawn to taking with you. If you are open, they will show you where they should be. Remember that they might want to move from time to time.

They crystals will show you

Look to the crystals for guidance on how to surround yourself with their energy. They will show you. They are masters at communication.