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Support through the shifting energies of 2012

Many of us our experiencing the effects of the rapidly shifting energies of our Earth mother.  We may each be experiencing them in completely different ways, but we are feeling something.  Not all of us may be able to put into expression what it is we’re feeling, but most will agree that they are experiencing something, especially those of us who work with energy and light and those who are very sensitive.  Some of you are experiencing sensations and reactions that you’ve not felt before and may believe that there is something physically wrong with you.  If your health care practitioner has ruled out a physical cause, perhaps you’re one of the very many who are simply moving through this most recent shift in synchronicity with the Earth.  We are all a part of her and so what she goes through, we go through.  We may have drowned out her whispers but some of her movements are so powerful that they can’t be ignored.  What you’re experiencing may simply be Gaia’s growing “pains”.

Who better to help you through this growth than the Earth’s Children themselves … the beings of stone and crystal … Gaia’s daughters.

The stone beings have been in existence as long as Gaia herself.  They are born of shifting energies.  They have experienced every energetic transformation, movement, and shifting of this earth.  They have quivered with every change in her vibrational frequency.  They have moved through dramatic change in temperatures and all forms of pressures.  Their physical structures have undergone changes that take eons and some that happen so rapidly they are literally torn apart.  Yet they continue to grow on.  Breaks and cracks become openings for sparkling new growth.

They pass through all these effects of time and turbulence with grace and peacefulness.  They do so because they do not resist the changes.  They view them not as atrocities, but as creations.  They see them as expression of earth energy in motion.  They hold no fear.  Just love and acceptance.  So when the earth moves and these crystalline beings change form or energy there is no suffering.  There is only creative expression.  There is only love energy in motion.

It is for their peaceful spirit and still beauty that you are drawn to these special children of the earth, perhaps not realizing the dramatic and powerfully turbulent processes which brought them into being.  You may not be aware of the many shifts and shaking movements through time they’ve undergone, nor do you realize the many changing energies and frequencies they’ve withstood.  They have been through it all and they will be here for whatever the future holds.

They offer their support to you in moving through the Earth’s many energetic shifts more gently and with less fear.  They offer to share their vibration of being in a space of harmony, even in the midst of chaos.  They openly offer to show you how to connect to the stillness during a storm of swirling energies.  This is their gift to you.  The gift of peacefulness and stillness and harmony during the rapidly shifting energy of this time.

All stone beings have this gift for you, though some have gone through specific unique experiences and may vibrate more powerfully in those specific energy frequencies.  The entire spectrum of the wisdom and experiences of all the Stone beings are carried by each of them, but you may feel a specific vibration more strongly in one than another.  It’s not that the vibration is not present in all the others, you simply may feel it more strongly in a specific stone.  The memory of that vibration may be closer to the surface of some crystalline spirits than others, depending on their specific experiences during their life cycle.

How do you know which one to choose!  How do you know which one will help you with your specific needs?  That’s the easiest part.  You choose the crystal or stone that you connect most strongly with.  You choose the one that you are most attracted to.  The one that appears most beautiful to you.  That is how you know.  That is how they call to you.  That is how they sing for you.  Listen to their song and trust your heart.