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Summer Fire

The intense heat this summer is affecting us all in many different ways. Some of us are feeling the effects physically and some emotionally, but we are feeling the effects. We may not realize that some of what we’ve experienced––are experiencing––is connected to the weather and the activity of the Sun this year, but it is. Of course it is.

We are all connected. We are connected to each other and to our Earth. She feels our movements and we feel hers. She is an extension of us and we of her. Some people are more aware of it than others. Those are the ones who get migraines when the earth shakes or who predict rain by the pain in their joints or who feel blue when the sun retreats during the winter months. They are not more connected to the earth than those who don’t seem affected. They are simply more aware of the connection. Whether you are aware of it or not, we are all connected.

Each one of us equally connected.

Each of us is affected.

When we are disconnected

We separate ourselves from the earth in so many ways. We spend much time indoors—in temperature controlled buildings, sealed off from the outside. Even if we there are windows often times they are kept closed to keep in the heat or air-conditioning. We are meant to be in “touch” with our mother Earth.

When we say being in touch, we mean literally having direct contact … skin to earth. Consider how often your skin touches our earth or something of our earth … a tree, a flower, bare feet on grass or sand, or wind in our hair. They are near us, these natural beings of the earth. Sometimes they are even in our homes, but do we touch them? And this means more than a hurried brush through the petals of a plant. Do we make a conscious effort to make this connection. 

When we do touch the earth, this tactile connection feels good and we realize how much we miss it. We do miss it. We crave it. That’s because we need it. That connection nourishes us in a way nothing else can. It’s food for our soul.  In my opinion, it may even be more important than the vitamins and supplements we add to our food. If we knew how important it was, we’d not deprive ourselves of this necessary connection.

Peace and Stillness 

When we feel overwhelmed by the movements of our Earth or when we feel dis-connected, the Stone Beings can offer support in many ways. The Stone beings are experts at the art of peacefulness and stillness. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed, we need only hold a stone. It can be a raw organically shaped river stone or a bright clear crystal formed in a beautiful geometric shape—it often doesn’t matter.

Simply connecting to Gaia through her stone and crystal children gives us a sense of peace. Sometimes we will find that certain stones are more soothing than others and we should trust that pull, but often times any stone will offer us the gift of support in stillness and ease our stress.

Summer Fire

For ease and comfort from the fire of the summer’s heat, look to the cooling stones. Blue stones and the raw river stones hold the cooling and refreshing energy of water. Some examples are Aquamarine, Blue Aragonite, Blue Opal, Barite, River Topaz, Blue Hemimorphite; or try an Alaskan Marble. These are just a few examples. 

But then again, sometimes the hottest stones—the ones with the most fire—are the ones who will know best how to handle the heat. While the blue stones can cool you, the fiery stones can show you how to stand the heat.

The right Stone for you

There are many stones that can offer relief. Trust yourself and listen to the stones that call to you. The stones that you are most drawn to, will be the best ones for you.


Originally published August 30, 2012