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Suleiman Song

I awoke one morning with a song of Suleiman in my thoughts and knew it was finally time to offer this special stone to you.  Suleiman moves in its own time.  It remains hidden in plain sight until it is ready to be seen.  My experience in finally getting it is a testament to this.  I found myself very drawn to this magical stone and I contacted the only supplier I knew of who carried it.  They told me that Suleiman was a very special stone that has remained hidden for many centuries and that it was finally re-emerging.  They checked in with the stone and agreed to offer it to me for wholesale.  There were several emails back and forth, but somehow it just did not happen.  It was not for a lack of trying.  Then months later I unexpectedly discovered it by “chance” when I asked a fellow Crystal Keeper if she’d heard of it.  She told me she could get me some and that it was very inexpensive.  It is sold under a different name which is why I couldn’t find it.  A couple weeks later, Suleiman arrived!

MAGICAL MIST … It seems so fitting that I awoke to this stone’s mysterious song on a magical misty morning.  It was no ordinary mist.  It had an unusual quality to it … a depth … an added dimension … a mystery!

A GIFT … The stone’s gift will be unique for each person.  What is the same – the common thread – always, is it’s subtle nature.  Many will pass it by and not even notice the majesty of its presence.  This stone will charm its way into your heart but it will only reveal its gift at the perfect time.  Do not mistake this secrecy for unwillingness or any [inadequacy] on your part.  It is part of the magic.  It is part of the gift.  The greatest gifts are those that come at the exact perfect time.  The message that comes too soon will not be understood and if it comes too late will have already been figured out.  If it comes at the perfect time it is a gift of great value.  When this message is not expected it comes with something else – a surprise.  True surprises are rare and very special.  There is another gift hidden in this surprise … patience and trust.  That is what will come forth from within as you await your gift.

We come to join you on your journey. 
We carry a gift for you.  
We will hold that gift for you until the perfect moment. 
You will know when the gift is revealed 
as clearly as hearing the morning bells.

It will be a surprise but the biggest part of the surprise will be that this gift is something that comes from you!  Some special magical quality that you’ve held within waiting until the perfect moment to be revealed.

Through the magic of the mist that filters the bright lights that have been blinding you to this gift, you will see your surprise.

Enjoy the moment.  It is as rare as the gift that is you.

We applaud your trust and patience.


© Song of Stones 2008