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Stones from a Dream

Not long ago I had a dream that 13 live snakes came with a shipment of crystals.  I dreamed that these snakes were loose in the crystal room.  I was fearful of them and desperate to contain them.  I knew this dream was important, but I didn’t realize how important and how connected it was to the crystals until later …. when a group of Snakeskin Agate stone beings began to sing to me.  They had been there in the crystal room for a very long time and I never really paid them much notice.  On that day, they stood out from among all the other beautiful Stone Beings that surrounded them.  These soft, inconspicuous, simple stones were … well they were almost glowing.  These stones that I passed by everyday and barely noticed had now captured my attention so completely that they were the only stones I could see from among a myriad of sparkling crystals.   They were singing a song so beautiful, they could not be ignored.  I gathered them up to give them a light bath to gently remove some of the dust with which they arrived.  I began to wonder if these “snakeskin” agates could be connected to my dream.  I’m not sure how I made the connection.  I think it was actually the stones themselves who communicated that to me.  I just happened to be paying attention.  Excited by the thought, I began to count them … sure enough … there were exactly 13 of them!

These special Stone Beings have a subtle presence, but a powerful energy.  They, like many of us going about our daily lives, could easily be overlooked.  They are hidden treasures.  Hidden from us only by our own prejudices.  We look right past them without realizing what gifts we have turned away from.  They don’t have the brilliant sparkle of a diamond or the icy clarity of Rock Crystal.  They don’t have the vivid colors of the rainbow of gems that are coveted for their deep tones and they are not highly valued like some of the stones with spiritual sounding names.  We ask the Universe to send us “healing energy” but often times when these “energies” are right before us we pass them right by and wonder why we can’t find them.  This time, I happened to be listening.  This time I paid attention.  Just for the simple act of noticing … for simply paying attention, I received a gift far more valuable than any highly prized material object imaginable.  These 13 stones shared their song with me and in listening I saw myself in a new light.  I saw myself from their perspective.  There are many such magical beings in our world, offering their support freely and unconditionally.  The secret to finding them lies in a brave and pure act.  The act of listening with the heart.  

These 13 Snakeskin Agate Stones shared a song with me.  It was a bit of a personal message, and I hesitated in sharing that song.  Not because it was too private, but because I didn’t think that anyone else would be interested in it.  As strong as their pull was to me, so too was the “push” to share this song, despite my trepidations and insecurities.  Ego can be just as strong in they shy.  So, I’m ignoring my ego’s shouts of protest and desperate promises to protect me from the risk of vulnerability and I’m trusting my heart’s song.  Trusting my heart’s direction feels right and doing so helps me to remember something important.  Each time I have opened my heart and shared without censoring, I discover that others are touched by that sharing.  Not because my experience is so special or unique, but because deep in that sharing is a place that all of us are familiar with.  It’s a place where a part of each of us dwells.  When we speak from our heart … all hearts can hear us.