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Stone Songs in the Dead of Winter

Why do we call this coldest part of the winter season, dead?  It is truly just as alive as any other time of the year.  Winter is as full with life as any other season.  We just don’t see it as easily then.

Beneath the cold hard skin of the Earth something magical is happening.  She may seem dormant but she is in the midst of creation.  She is pregnant with life.  Cold to the touch and still to the eye, the Earth is holding the fire of life deep in her heart.

Look at her again, not with your eyes but with your soul..  Feel the shaking of life beneath your feet … deep down below the visible layers, through the frozen crust.  Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.  Much truth comes from that part of you.

Now open your heart and stretch your imagination a little further … see now in your thoughts, the Stone Beings of this earth – the children of Gaia.  Hold them in your hand.  See past the cold, hard surface, and imagine the possibility of life here too.

When the petals of the pretty flowers in our garden shrivel and are carried away by the wind, we see death.  Her beauty is gone and we see only the sepia tones of her faded presence.  We mourn her loss.  The disintegration of her form is sad to us.  We don’t see the beauty of the magical creative process that is going on literally beneath our feet.  The power of this transformation is even more spectacular than what we experienced in the show of colour and perfume in the blossom’s graceful figure.

There is such an abundance of life teaming beneath the surface of the Earth’s icy crust in the dead of winter.  So why can’t we entertain this idea of life in other places that seem to be lifeless.  Isn’t it at least a possibility.

Perhaps the Stone bEings do sing in the dead of winter.