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The Magic of Stone Circles

I’d been co-creating stone circles for several years now and it appears to be time to give voice to the process. It is time to speak of the purpose and intention of these harmonious symphonies of stone. When I speak of stone circles I’m speaking of a purposeful gathering of more than 1 stone. It can be a duet, a trio or a symphony of any number of stones.

What are Stone Circles

Stone circles are a gathering of crystalline spirits and stone beings in a co-created, orchestrated movement.  It is a harmony of many elements––an alignment of time, space and purpose. Though by appearances it may seem that I am choosing and moving the stones into place, what is truly happening is this ….

Someone calls out to the stones to come forth
in support of a transformational event in their lives
or in honour of a sacred creation.

It might be you.
You might not even be aware that you’ve put out this call,
as it may be a silent call––a call from the soul.
Sometimes the stone circles come into creation
even before the call has been made.

The stones sing in answer of the call.
Their song is unlike any other of this earth.
Their song, like your call, is silent to all who are not listening.
The stone circles come into presence because of a sacred accord.

To hear this sacred song, I must truly listen.
I must move into a space of complete trust.
I must have an open heart.

I honour their song in a harmonious gesture
that brings them together in incredible and synchronistic ways.
My hands may be in motion,
but it is the stone beings and those who put out the call
who guide the movement.

There may be many beings present during this dance.
Ethereal beings like faeries or angels;
or it may be mystical creatures like unicorns or dragons.

What is beyond doubt is an element that is always present
in each and every circle of stones

… l o v e !


So you see, though It seems that I’m choosing and moving the stones into these circles, it is the ones who call for the circle and the stones themselves who are orchestrating the movement. Though the stone circles come into presence because they have been called, the one(s) who put out the call may not be aware that they have done so. If you are drawn to a circle, it may be because you have had a part in co-creating it.


These are very specific and purposeful unions. I may give them names and speak of their songs, but what matters most is your connection to them.  Their full and complete purpose may only be known and understood by the one who has taken part in their creation…by you. And that may only be revealed once the circle is in your presence.

You may know immediately, it may take time, or you may never know. But it is not important how, when, or even if you come to know the purpose of your stone circle. What is important is the spark that is created when a connection is made. The light of that spark holds great magic.  That is why they come to you in a circle. They come in ceremony. A ceremony that can only be full and complete when you are in full presence with them–when you complete the circle.

Crystalline Mirrors

Trust is a very important part in the creation of a stone circle. Just as it takes great trust to hear the song, so too does it take great trust to recognize the circle that you have had a part in co-creating. If you feel that pull towards a certain stone circle, trust that. Allow the truth to rise up from your heart and take presence in your thoughts. Allow yourself to BE WHO YOU ARE. This is why trusting is so hard for us. Because we must SEE WHO WE ARE to allow the truth to be known. 

Seeing ourselves takes great courage for we are afraid of what we might see. If we knew that all that we would find is great light powered by great love, we would never again fear looking into the mirror. When you are drawn to a stone circle’s beauty and brilliance, what you are truly seeing is a reflection of YOU. You see that is their ultimate purpose for coming into presence…to show you a part of yourself that you may have forgotten…to allow you to see that brilliant light that you have been hiding from out of fear.

What’s so wonderful about allowing the stone circles to reflect that piece of yourself, is that they do it in such a gentle and accepting way. Through that pure unconditional acceptance, they create an opening for you to accept yourself.

Now that is MAGIC!


Originally published February 22, 2013