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Star Baby

I want to share with you a magical story. It is a story about the birth of an earth star.

A couple of nights ago, I was in the crystal room doing some work and something distracted me. A crystal was singing to me. I stopped what I was doing and followed the call. I found myself holding an Eye of Sheba Ruby crystal. I’m not exactly sure how I ended up with it in my hand, but it felt purposeful. I set it down beside me and continued working, knowing that when it was time, this crystal would let me know its reason for showing up when it did.

The next day I woke up from a powerful dream about a red and white Eudialyte stone. Though both Eudialyte and the Eye of Sheba rubies are the same colours, I didn’t make the connection to the ruby until later when I was again drawn to picking up the stone. The power I was feeling from the ruby just then seemed familiar. It was the same feeling I had in the dream. I remembered too that I had put on a ruby ring that morning. It’s not one I wear often but it was clear that I was to wear this ring that day. I was beginning to understand that Ruby was really trying to get my attention.

As I was holding her in my hand, something in the Ruby caught my attention … a glow … a movement … a light … a star. A baby star. That’s what I was hearing. This crystal has created the space for a star to be birthed. I wish I could adequately express the magic of this experience. I hope that you can somehow feel some of this mystical energy through the pictures. (NOTE: The day after I discovered the star, I found another and then another appeared just now as I'm publishing this post.)

Rags to Riches

This is not the first time this regal stone was singing to me. Ruby once shared a profound teaching about going from “Rags to Riches” which I shared in an ebook on the Song of Stones website. I had not forgotten about the song but I had forgotten the words they shared. It’s definitely not a coincidence that Ruby is singing to me again now as this subject of value and wealth is something I've been exploring.

Ruby is part of a group of crystals that came forward to show me how to materialize money. Not a very catchy name - I know. I wanted to call it “manifesting wealth” or “attracting abundance” or something with the word prosperity in it. The crystals were quite clear about using the word money and not trying to find a frilly name … and I have seen the wisdom in that. Now, after having revisited the Rags to Riches ebook, I remember that Ruby was adamant about using the word money then too.

I have only just begun to “materialize money” but I have already noticed that my business picked up during what is usually my slowest time of year. I also received 2 unexpected cheques, and a gift of a diamond ring and a designer wallet. The last one had me smiling. How clear can the universe get by sending me a wallet to put in the money that’s coming.

Wealth Consciousness

Now even though this is a journey into materializing money, it is not really about the dollars themselves. It is not about the money. It's kind of crazy right - that getting money is not about the money. It is really about realizing your true worth and not only that, once you do, showing the world how valuable you are. It’s about going from feeling indebted and in debt to owning the value that you bring to the world and receiving your worth. It’s about shifting out of poverty consciousness and into wealth consciousness. That is what magnetizes money to you. That is when money will materialize in your life.

This special group of crystals are showing me how to do that. They have inspired me to take you on this journey with me, if you are stuck in a pattern where money flows out faster than it flows in - or if you have not yet fully realized your full and true value and worth to the Universe. I worked on the Materializing Money Journey for several weeks. I gathered crystals, listened for wisdom and received mantras and meditations. Just as I was ready to share it, I hesitated. There are so many people out there talking about money issues - did the world really need one more to chime in. I had all but decided not to share this with you but then the universe turned me back around. It sent me a precious soul to ask a question about how I price my crystals (that is for another blog) and that opened up a beautiful dialogue that helped me to see that the energy and wisdom of these ancient earth stars is very much needed at this time.

You are invited

So … if you are wanting to change your relationship with money … if you want to receive the wisdom and magical energy of the stone beings as you do … if you want to take this journey with a like hearted group of crystal loving, super sensitive, empathic souls … you are invited.

I have said yes to take you on this journey and, as crystal whisperer, to be their translator and bring through their messages. I will guide you through the practice that the crystals shared with me and I’ll even send you a circle of the same crystals that I’m working with.